5 useful tips when pumping breast milk

As a new mother you are not always able to breastfeed your baby. For example when you work, you are out for a night or for some other reason you are not close to your baby. A breast pump offers a solution in these cases. But how do you choose a good breast pump? And what do you pay attention to when breast milk is being pumped? We will gladly give you 5 useful tips!

A good flask: what are you paying attention to?

There are breast pumps for sale in all shapes and sizes. Think of an electric breast pump or a double flask where your breast milk from both breasts flask at the same time. This can save a lot of time. It is important that you choose a breast pump that suits you well. It is also important that you purchase a breast shield in the right size. When you fumble with the wrong size, this can lead to pain complaints and even chest inflammation. Your maternity assistant or lactation consultant can help you determine the right size for you. Did you give birth in the hospital? Then they can also help you in the maternity ward.

In addition, it is important to purchase the flask from a reliable store. Buying a breast pump online is easy and simple. Please note that you buy your breast pump on a website within the EU. If there are problems with the device, they can always help you. This is somewhat more complicated if you buy a cheap breast pump on websites like AliExpress.

Relaxed environment

When you start pumping it is important that you do this in a relaxed environment. Make sure you have privacy, even when you are at work. A space where not everyone can just walk in is desirable. Try to relax yourself too, this is the benefit of pumping breast milk. If necessary, save your favorite music from your phone, tablet or laptop. Do not be rushed: you prepare the meal of your baby.

A good admission reflex

Flasks last longer and can even become painful when your shot reflex leaves something to be desired. This can ensure that there is not enough milk from your breasts, and that is the last thing you want. There are several ways to stimulate the acceleration reflex, even when your child is not around. For example, look at a photo of your child or take a piece of clothing from him or her to your work, so that you can smell it while pumping. It sounds crazy, but it really works! Scientists found out that this increases the oxytocin level in your blood. This starts the milk flow.
What can also help is massaging your breasts before you start pumping. And remember: relax!

Ensure the correct settings of the flask

Kolven should not hurt. If it becomes painful, it may be that your breast pump has not been adjusted correctly. It is also possible that the breast shield you use is too big or too small. Pumping too long can also become painful. Another reason that pumping breast milk can cause pain is because your nipple is not in the middle of the breast shield. Is this all not the case? Then set the suction power lower. Tapping milk with a too high suction power can become painful.

Store breast milk

As a new mom you need all sorts of useful maternity articles. These make your life a lot easier. How about a cooler bag to store the expressed breast milk? It will look good when, for example, you flask where there is no refrigerator. The cooler bag will keep your milk fresh until you are back home with your baby!

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