Halloween - Shivers and sweets!

It is October 31: Halloween! Halloween is shudder: kills come to life, skeletons walk through the streets, bloody monsters call at you and shout loudly: 'Trick of treat!' It almost sounds like 'Your money or your life', they just do not want money but candy, mountains candy!

Halloween spectacle

Halloween is not so popular in the Netherlands and for the real Halloween spectacle you have to be in Ireland, England, America or Canada. But also in the Netherlands people are starting to get more and more attention for this horror party. Because there is nothing wrong with a healthy portion of shit!


The name Halloween'is derived from Hallow-e'en, or All Hallows Eve: the night before All Saints Day, 1 November. In the Irish-Celtic calendar the year started on November 1, so October 31 was New Year's Eve. In the past, people dressed up on October 31 to deter the souls of the deceased, for fear that they would otherwise take possession of the bodies of the living.

Combination of festivities

Halloween is a combination of three festivities: the Celtic Samhain, the Roman Pomona and the Christian All Saints & All Souls.
English-speaking emigrants brought the party to the United States, especially in the second half of the 19th century, these were the Irish, distant descendants of the Celts. In the US it has taken the form as we know it today.

Origin of the Jack-o'-Lantern

There are many stories about the origin of the illuminated hollowed pumpkin. One of the most famous is the story about Jack the blacksmith or Jack-o'-Lantern. One night Jack met the devil who wanted to take him to hell. Jack managed to lure the devil into a tree with a ruse. He fixed the devil here by scratching a cross sign in the tree trunk. The devil promised Jack that he would not go to hell if Jack would release him. When Jack died later he did not come to heaven because of his bad life.

Wandering soul

But the devil did not leave him in hell either because of the promise made. Since then, Jack's soul has been wandering around on earth. The devil threw a hot coal after him. Jack put the cabbage in a tuber he was eating and got a lantern that way. American Halloween-goers have exchanged the tuber for a pumpkin.

In the Netherlands

Halloween became known in the Netherlands since the 1980s, after which more and more attention was paid to this holiday. Usually it does not happen to us in the form of collecting sweets at the door, but more by organizing Halloween parties and decorating houses.
Celebrating Sint Maarten is more familiar in the Netherlands: around 11 November the children go out on a street in a lantern parade, sing songs and receive rewards for them. Saint Martin is still gaining popularity among young people.

What belongs to Halloween?

At Halloween hear (carved) pumpkins with a candle in it, sweets, black cats, magic, evil spirits, skulls, ghosts, skeletons, vampires, monsters, blood, autumn, lanterns, trick or treat, big fires, broomsticks, witches and the night…

Different symbols of Halloween

Blackdeath, night, witches, black cats, bats, vampires
Orangepumpkins, autumn, the discolored leaves, fire
Violetnight, the supernatural, mysticism
Greengoblins, monsters
Redblood, fire, evil

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