My little thing # blog11

My youngest has a duvel on her shoulder. I remember that we were on vacation and had just been to the local supermarket and bought a lot of nice things, including all kinds of local sweets. We came back to the park and went to the pool and wanted to have a very big acid mat of 1.50 euros from the candy store. She looked at me begging for money, with her big blue eyes. "No" I said, because I thought it was enough. After all, we had already bought a lot of candy.

How sweet

A little later in the pool she offers to massage my painful foot. "So, that's nice," I think. As soon as she is done, she suddenly stands up with her hand. She still had her mask, which gave her cheeks an even more funny round shape. An eternally cute face, looked at me angry and threatening. "I want money!" Madam said angrily. She had not forgotten the acid mat for a long time. Again I was unrelenting and I said: "No, you do not get that, that was not the appointment." Angrily she ran out of the pool and sat down on a beach chair.

Cooling down

After I let her cool down for a while, I went to her to talk to her. She turned back and went swimming again, while I sat on the beach chair. Afterwards we walked together in the free deserted swimming pool.
At a given moment the youngest sees something. Someone has forgotten to return a deposit bucket. The pool works with deposit money cups. If you get something to drink then you get a cup with that and you can return it and get the deposit back. That saves a lot in waste and the cups are reused. The value of such a deposit bucket? Three guesses! No joke! 1.50 euros! Two minutes later I see madam arrogant and proudly chewing on her acid mat. Mothers had it checked.

Dagoberta Duck

She finds money everywhere, not just pennies, but also notes of five and sometimes even ten. It can not be done. She is a Dagoberta Duck in the cap.
From the week she calls me in panic. She is in the supermarket to buy some things she needs for a project at school. Her debit card does not work. Or I can look up the code to check if she sometimes typed it wrong.
So said, done so, I look up the PIN and call her back after a few minutes. However, it is not the PIN code. Then I remember something. She only just got this bill and she had received a provisional bank card. This could therefore sometimes have expired. When requesting the new something went wrong and we then completely forgot about it. She panics.

What am I supposed to do?

"But, what am I supposed to do with my things?" She asks, bewildered.
"Put it back, then we'll pick it up later," I tell her.
"Yes, but I just searched everything together and I want it all." She still sputters.
I think for a moment how I can solve this and then I already hear her say: "Oh, let it be solved. A gentleman has paid for me. "
I do not worry about it, it will have been a bag of candy of a euro or two, I think. When the lady comes home she tells us that it must have been a euro or thirteen.


Well that was a very generous gentleman and we are very grateful to him. So I want to say this sweet little man "thank you", which is very sweet and it was not necessary, but I also understand that you do not let that little guit panic at the counter, with that little thing on her shoulder . What a beautiful symbolic amount again, for my duvel.

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