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In fact, I think that 'Surviving in nature' should be a compulsory subject in school. I believe that people (especially in Western countries) have drifted far too far from their roots. Do you know how you should survive in nature? Not me. Maybe you shrug your shoulders and do not think it's important. After all, everything can be found in the supermarket to live richly. Right. But imagine that tomorrow is suddenly different. That the supermarkets no longer receive goods. Then your life suddenly changes into 'survival'. So what?

Surviving in nature

There is enough to find in nature, but it is useful that you know what is edible and what is not. Because those red berries look very tasty, but maybe you will be very sick of it! And then all those mushrooms. There are absolutely edible between them, but there are also mushrooms that can make you very sick. Just think of the fly agaric. You really do not want to find that between your salad leaves.


Fancy a real survival in the midst of nature? Very nice, but then you must first find a legal place where you can camp wild. This is forbidden in many countries. However, in this booklet you will find a list of how things are arranged in each country in Europe. Super convenient! At a glance you can see that you can park in the wild in Estonia for example, and wild camping is allowed in Scotland, but it is unfortunately forbidden in our own country. There are still a few countries where you can do it, but in general it is more often prohibited.

What are you taking?

If you have found a suitable place to camp wild, you must of course prepare well. What are you taking? The writer of this book also thought about it very well. The book contains a handy list of important products to take with you. Including the explanation why it is so useful and important.

More than interesting

But in 'Outdoor handbook' there are many more interesting tips and facts. Information that you really benefit from if you want to survive in nature. Maybe not because it has to, but just because it is possible. To go back to the basis of our existence. And if you want to try it seriously, this booklet can really make the difference.
Maybe everyone should have this booklet in first aid kit or survival kit! Probably you will never need it, but you certainly do not know for sure! You never know ... and then this booklet is very handy!

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