All children outside

The temperatures are getting better again, the off-season is breaking again! Or actually it has already arrived, because we already have a few nice days behind us. That many more may follow!
Going out is not that difficult, you just walk out the door, but what are you going to do outside? There is plenty to do, but yes, you have to get the idea!

All children outside

In All children outside you will find a lot of ideas for outdoor activities. Obvious ideas (such as building a hut) but also less obvious tips, such as making your own perfume!
The book is not only limited to spring and summer, but also takes you outside in autumn and winter, because even then there is plenty to discover in nature. And with a good winter coat and hat on, that is also fine to do! How wonderful to get a fresh nose in the beautiful Winter Wonderland or to blow in a colorful autumn setting.

Four Seasons

Four seasons discover what nature has to offer, see nature as one big playground with (of course) respect for everything that lives. Besides doing tips, this book is full of information, tips and interesting facts. That makes this book not only fun for children, but also for parents, teachers, masters, grandfathers and grandmothers.

Never thought about it

What I love about this book is that I come across tips that might be very obvious, but I never thought of! Have you ever thought of using watercolor in the snow? Not me, but it seems fantastic! Coloring my white garden with watercolor and turning it into a fairytale paradise. Or make your own salad from dandelions. Can you eat it then? Hell yes! There are even many different vitamins and minerals. How nice to cheer up the salad! According to this book you can use both the leaves, the roots and the flowers. The stalks apparently do not.

Homemade lollipop

And how about making a lollipop with violets in it. Simply by cooking sugar, water and glucose for about five minutes in a pan. Pour the quantity of one spoon on a baking sheet and press a pansy and a stick.

Well ... you can find these kinds of tips in this thick book! That makes you happy! Recommended!

Specifications All children outside

TitleAll children outside
PublishingKNNV Publishing
AuthorMarieke Dijksman
IllustratorJasper de Ruiiter
Number of pages272
price29.95 euros

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