7x Useful apps for young parents

Apps, they come in all shapes and sizes. One app is even more useful than the other. Route planners, agenda, games, reminders, social media, useful and useless. When I look at my smartphone, I have about four screens full of icons. Maybe I use 10 or so every day. Yet. There are quite a number of useful apps for young (prospective) parents. Have you found them already?

Oops, I grow

Do you know the book? I read it gray at the time. It is still a bestseller for young parents. The book describes how your baby makes a jump at regular intervals. Convenient to prepare and take into account. Next to the book there is also an app. The app shows when your child is going to make a jump again and what you can expect after that jump. That is fun and sometimes that can also be useful.
Cost: free

Baby massage

No, the app does not take over the massage from you, but it does give you tips on how to massage your child. The app does this with short instructional videos. And that is really cool! The app is not free (0.99 euro) but that does not matter, how nice it is to massage your child and a little help - especially in the beginning - is really nice. At the time, I have been massaging Rocco from about 10 weeks, very regularly and he loved it. Really a beautiful moment between you and your child.
Cost: 0.99 euros

Baby monitor 3G

This app saves you an expensive baby monitor, while you hear exactly how your baby is doing! Super convenient. Especially for those places where you do not have a baby monitor at hand. Can also be used on your tablet or computer. You obviously need two units. One in the nursery and one at hand.
Cost: 3.99 euros

Zappelin app

With this app you can watch live TV, play games and make drawings. Well suited for the moments when - for example on the road - you have to enjoy your child. You can dance and sing songs with Nienke, see Zappelin programs, make coloring pages, stamp and read stories.
Cost: free

oBaby app

A good app to use for capturing all those milestones of your child. Obaby contains an extensive range of milestones, classic baby statements and special moments of pregnancy and adoption, up to the age of two. Think of his first birthday, his first stay, his first holiday, et cetera. All beautiful moments are captured in this app.
Cost: 5.49 euros

Breastfeeding App

This App is for parents who are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed. You can go here for anything to do with breastfeeding.
You will find basic information about breastfeeding and the problems that may occur.
Cost: none

Pregnant and so

A handy app for the upcoming parent. The app has a 40-week calendar with useful and useful information about your child and yourself, supported with beautiful illustrations. Handy is the special food tool; what can you and can not eat during pregnancy? Supplemented with delicious recipes for during pregnancy.
The app also has handy checklists for during pregnancy, childbirth and 1st period after birth.
Cost: free

Of course there are many other apps. I am therefore wondering which app is indispensable for you as a mom or dad? Maybe you want to share this tip with our other visitors?

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