Old is the new slightly less young # blog58

It has been a few weeks ago, but I still remember. I was suddenly fed up. I was sitting with my hands in a pile of glue, which should have been slime, but apparently it was not good and suddenly I was done with it. Day in, day out toys around me. Do not get me wrong, I like toys. And I also like all those reports that I write. But I also want something for myself! Especially now that my son is no longer a baby or toddler, but has grown into a huge adolescent.

Clear as glass

And suddenly it was as clear as a lump, as clear as glass, so well it came down to me that I suddenly knew what I wanted. I just wanted a site for myself! A site where I could lose all the eggs that I could not lose on a site for young parents. Actually, I just wanted a site for old hats. I have been doing this for about 12 years now, probably I am the oldest mom-patient and I have not stopped myself either. I have not been a young parent for a long time. I am an old hat.

50 is the new 40

Of course that is not true at all, because 50 is the new 40 and most of my friends and girlfriends still go out regularly and put the flowers outside. That can also be easy, because we have long since been out of small children, so they do not have to stay home for that. But I felt really very old next to all those early mothers and fathers with blushing babies and mischievous toddlers. Nice, but I did have a little bit of that time. So when I came to work for my job and walked through all that young happiness, I did not feel a bit old, but I felt like a stick-old-granny-old. Something like that.

Balance in my life

So it was the highest time for balance in my life. And the moment I was in that sticky mess with my hands, the penny fell. I would start a site for over-50s! Back then, I was pretty much the first mom blogger and now I would be the first 50-year-old influencer. Do you want to believe that within an hour I had written four A4 pages on subjects that I wanted to have?

Very hip

And I am not alone at all. As soon as others hear of my idea, they want to participate. 50 is in fact very hip! It is not bad at all to be 50+. It also has a lot of advantages! No, I'm not going to mention that now, I'll do that another time. But believe me - if you are not yet 50 - it really is not bad to be 50. At that time I can still remind my mother that she found it terrible. She even felt so bad that she started to lie to her friends about her age a few years before she was 50. She has maintained that for years. For my mother so no Sarah on her birthday.

No Sarah

I became it last year. For me also no Sarah on my birthday, because I find that kind of stuff stupid anyway, but I've celebrated it extensively. A party is always fun.
And actually it is now time for a party! The site is now online and is being received enthusiastically. Of course the site is still in the baby diaper and there is still a lot of things to be placed on it, but that will happen in the coming period. I now have several enthusiasts who are going to write content for this site.

The new is slightly less young

And that makes me very happy! This is my balance. In the morning hours for young parents and in the afternoon for old hats that are not old at all. Old is simply the new 'something less young'.

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