Tricks for eating vegetables

Besides the well-known trick to serve vegetables with applesauce, the Dutch fathers and mothers are very creative to get their children to eat. Of course there are plenty of good children who feast on a plate of green food. For the moms and dads who can use some help, below some tips from other parents.

How do you make vegetables attractive?

Kitchen garden

"We are fortunate enough to have a garden where there is some space where the children (together with us) may sow some vegetables. This works really well. They see it grow themselves, for the kitchen window we sow in cultivation pots first and then it goes out. Every once in a while (not every day!) We go and look at the last one. "

Football field

Just make something festive, it does not have to be difficult. Kale stampot we do with bacon. We make it into a soccer field, everything is flat on the plate, the bacon is the footballer, the center spot is a hole filled with gravy. The targets consist of 2 pieces of sausage.


We make a game of it, her mouth is the garage and that's where grandpa in the truck has to go in ... toetettt he arrives, and there goes the fork with vegetables eagerly inside ... mmm nice she says ... hup the next car is already ready to go inside ... and so she still has her plate empty with all those vitamins.


We raise a hand and every time she takes a bite a finger goes away, when one hand is up, the other hand is up. She is supposed to always eat mum and dad and the dog and then go through a few extra bites.

Bun sauce

We put a pita bread in the oven, without meat with a teriyaki sauce and with chopped vegetables. My children think the warm, tasty sandwich is so special that the vegetables with sauce go in like this. We call it sandwich sauce.


My trick is to help the children clean and cut the vegetables. If you have 'prepared' something yourself, then of course you are very proud of it and at least you will try it yourself.


Broccoli sometimes wanted to go in if we tried a mouse (with your hand) who wanted to eat from the broccoli. Always laughing, yelling, roaring and that was the only vegetable that succeeded. Tired to play a mouse for years ... but it worked.


Pancakes with spinach through the batter, serving with sour cream and (smoked) salmon is a great success here.


I make the sign as a face. For example rice as a face, peas as hair, fish stick in pieces like face, nose and eyes.

Muscle balls

With our son, it works best to say that it makes him strong. Then he may first feel the muscles of daddy, then we feel that of him and after a bite of vegetables he is really much stronger.

Vegetable fairy tale

Instead of a bedtime story, tell a nice story for the food. For example, about the land of the green magic balls (sprouts) and then cooking the magic balls together. Sure they eat it with taste.

Star meal

Strangely enough, my children love almost everything when there is a little grated cheese over it. Or a little Aromat. Or I say that this is the favorite vegetable of K3, MegaMindy, you name it! Sometimes that helps.

To brag

Twice as much brag as normal and then they say they only have to eat half of them. They then think they are lucky.


Choose colorful vegetables, cook al dente and string them with saté prickers; always works!

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