Faster your homework with Ducktypen!

The sooner your homework is done, the sooner (and longer) you can play again! That's how it is! And with ten fingers on your keyboard that goes a lot faster than with two. Besides the course of Ducktypen is also very nice! Playfully you fly through the course and ... you also learn fast and good typing.

In Ducktypen you choose your own avatar and you become a reporter of the Duckstad newspaper. You will type all kinds of reports of the adventures that the characters experience. Think of the weather forecast, a treasure for Dagobert, a fishing contest and much more. You play different games and they alternate with learning exercises. This keeps the course fun, from the beginning to the end!
And did you do it all right? Then you get a real diploma at the end of the course, signed by Master Warbol and Donald Duck!

Just (for your parents) some information at a glance

  • DuckTypen is suitable for children from 7-8 years
  • DuckTypen lets you set the level of the course yourself
  • DuckTypen is suitable for children with dyslexia
  • DuckTypen is completely online, so with internet everywhere and always play
  • DuckTypen is the online typing course where children can sit down for themselves!
  • DuckTypen is the only type course of such a large existing brand as Donald Duck, with the largest gun-factor and is widely embraced by the Netherlands
  • DuckTypen is available from € 99.95, a second course is always with a 20% discount (for comparison with other courses TypeTopia costs € 139 and Pica types € 159)

What does the Ducktypen course look like?

The course consists of 6 newspapers with 5 articles. Some articles return (like the news and the weather forecast), other articles are new in every newspaper. For each article there is about one hour of play time. The total course consists of an average of 30 lessons. All games that have been played can be repeated again.

To earn extra motivation for children, they deserve to earn a level of Duckse Duiten. With these Duckse Duiten they can buy nice accessories and clothing for their avatar or fun items for their own house in Duckstad.

The course is structured in collaboration with typing teachers and follows an existing didactics. This guarantees a successful result in addition to a nice type-time.


During the course you will be guided by Master Warbol. Prior to a game he explains what the right finger position is and which characters are practiced in that exercise. This means that you can complete the course yourself, without needing your parents (do your parents like it, bet ?!).


In addition to Master Warbol, your parents can also watch your progress. They can log in with their own account for this. They can even send you nice messages!


Computers are hard to imagine, so the sooner you learn to work on them, the more comfortable this can be for you. Fast typing is an important skill nowadays.
It saves you a lot of time if you can type with ten fingers and you do not have to look at your keyboard. With a minimum of 120 attacks per minute you race through your work. In addition, you can focus better on the content of your work. Not looking at the keyboard creates a higher concentration. This allows you to do more in less time without being distracted by the keyboard. Blind typing also ensures a good body posture. You no longer have to sit bent over, looking for the right keys. In addition, you use ten fingers, which reduces the chance of RSI.

Video: Hi everyone. nicolenixon6. Week 1

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