This film has been running in the cinema for a while (since July 12), but we had not had the opportunity to watch the film before. Yet we were really looking forward to it. Finally it was so far ...! Puisje is a heart-warming animated film. It tells the story of a young and cheerful little bird who only has to overwinter after his family moves south without him. The Dutch film has a true star cast with, among others, the votes of Martijn Fischer, Klaas van Kruistum, Tygo Gernandt and Manou Jue Cardoso. Pluisje is released by Just4Kids and Just Film Distribution.

Tough adolescent

Despite the fact that Rocco is a tough adolescent of 14, who prefers to wear only shirts with 'skulls' on them, he went with us to this film. And even though he remained very tough, during the film he was quiet and he watched breathlessly. Secretly I think this age is delicious. One moment they are super cool and suddenly hair growth occurs everywhere and the voice drops a meter into the depth and the next moment they come to hug you. Too small for one and too big for the other. A very wrestling in that adolescent brain.

Pure enjoyment

But that he enjoyed the film, I understand. We did that too. I thought it was a delicious one feelgood film with the necessary humor. Of course, your Fluff will close in your heart. He does not only look endearing, he is also very sweet. And then the dry humor of the sparrows on the roof! Awesome! I enjoyed every minute and actually the movie could not last long enough. Unfortunately, he was really finished after 80 minutes. Of course with a happy end.


Pluisje is a young and cheerful little bird who likes to play together with his best friend Ploveria. They laugh a lot together and are secretly a bit in love. Everything changes when Shadow, the falcon, attacks Pluisje during his first flying lesson. He is saved, but his father does not survive the battle. Fluffy does not dare to fly anymore. Ploveria still encourages him to fly because they have to go south when winter comes. Pluisje will practice again, but then he will be caught by the cat from the village. Everyone thinks that Pluisje is dead, except Ploveria. Fluff should only survive the winter while his family moves south. Non-migratory birds and outsiders hibernate in Paradise Valley, a hidden place. But the journey to paradise valley is long and dangerous. Fortunately, the brave little bird makes new friends who help him with his journey.

Soon to the cinema

If you have not seen the film yet, I would recommend you to do so. Provided he is still in your area. So check it out. If this is no longer the case, the film will undoubtedly be released on DVD or bluray soon and you can always view it in your own living room. Definitely a nice tip for the upcoming holidays!

The film is suitable for the whole family. The story is exciting, but not too exciting so that the little ones can just keep watching. Pluisje is endearing and the film also contains absolutely the necessary humor (which is also fun for adults!). As an adult, you will occasionally come across a wink to other animated films. Fun! Absolutely recommended!


Manou Jue Cardoso (Voice), Teddy Ortanca (Voice), Tygo Gernandt (Voice), Klaas van Kruistum (Voice), Martijn Fischer (Voice), Kristel Verbeke (Voice)
Director: Arni Asgeirsson


Video: Fluff

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