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I personally had never heard of travel bags that were tailor-made for a certain type of car until I heard about Car-Bags. This company makes extremely high quality travel bags of high quality material, specially tailored for the trunk of (in my case) a Renault Captur. Ideal, because the bulky suitcases that I normally use are always too big for my car, so that valuable space is lost when I go on vacation. So I thought, let me just try it!

First impression

The bag set comes in a cardboard box with the Car-Bags logo on it. Each bag is carefully wrapped in plastic. I remove the bags from the plastic jacket and thoroughly check the quality of the material.

The first thing that strikes me is the structure of the fabric. You see and feel clearly that it is very sturdy, and has been manufactured for long-term and intensive use.
The seams and zips have also been finished with care. The Car-Bags logo is depicted on the center of each bag. At first glance, they are beautiful sturdy bags of high quality.

The set

The set I ordered was custom made for my car, a Renault Captur. It consists of three travel bags with adjustable handles and three trolley bags with wheels and a folding handle, this trolley also has handles.
At the bottom of the bags, points of hard plastic are mounted, so your bag is always separate from the floor and the chance of damage is minimal.

A lot of space

When I open the travel bag, I immediately notice how much space the suitcase contains. The bottom is reinforced with a plate, which is upholstered with the same fabric with which the inside of the bag is upholstered. The name of the company is printed on the fabric. It is a nice spacious bag that you throw over your shoulder.

The trolley

The trolley bag has straps on the inside with buckles that allow you to fasten your clothes. There is an extra zipper on the inside of the flap, handy to transport loose items. This bag is also very spacious and has a sturdy back, so that your belongings are optimally protected while traveling. This bag has an extra handle at the top. The extendable handle is also very sturdy and convenient to use. Ideal!

The car

The bags are packed, the holiday can begin. I'm curious if this set is actually custom made for my Renault Captur.
We load the bags and what do you think? Fits like cast! I could load the bags side by side without any trouble and I used the entire trunk space. I now dare to say that it was a great purchase and the price / quality ratio is also something that pleases me. Our holiday can begin!

extra options

You can also choose additional options on a set in addition to the bag set. I opted for a laundry bag for dirty clothing and beautiful colored labels to make the contents of the bags recognizable without having to open them. These extra options are not included in the set as standard, but must be ordered separately.


I am very satisfied with this bag set and can recommend it to everyone. It saves a lot of space during packing. They are nicely sturdy and also convenient to use. The delivery time is very short, useful for when you have booked a last minute. In short, an absolute must!

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