The ten best schoolmops!

The schools have started again. For one person a blessing, not for another at all. Of course you have enjoyed the freedom of the holiday. No alarm clock that tells you in the morning very annoyingly that it's time to get up, while your body really tells something else. Nothing rushed to get everything and everyone in the starting blocks to be able to get out in time.

But there were also times when your child was bored to death and therefore was going to bother you. And those visits to the amusement park were perhaps very nice, but also quite exhausting. Now that the schools have started again, there is more peace and regularity and that can also be very pleasant.

But whether you like it or not that the schools have started again, we do not change the situation, so let's make the best of it! With the best school mops!

The nicest school mops

And to start the new school year, we have collected the ten best school mops for you! Maybe you know one more? Leave them especially in the comments, so that other parents can laugh with you!

1. The middle finger

When the teacher said that he did not want to see the same fingers all the time, I spontaneously stuck up my middle finger.
Now I am in the hallway.

2. To the devil

Teacher Jansen storms angrily at the school director.
"Unbelievable how brutal the children of today are. I gave Jaap a scolding at which he said: Ah, fool, walk to the devil! "
"And what did you do then?" Asks the director.
"I immediately came to you", says teacher Jansen.

3. Bad report

Jantje comes home with a bad report. "For a report like that, a lot of beating seems right", says father angrily. Jantje replies: "I think that's a good idea. I know where the master lives. "

4. Not done

Jantje goes to school and asks: "Miss you are being punished for something you did not do?"
The teacher says: "No, why do you ask that?"
"Because I did not do my homework."

5. Moses

The Religion teacher asks the class: "What was the successor to Moses?"
Jantje raises his finger and says: "Mozeven, master."

6. Idiot

A teacher enters a class that is full of students. He sees an envelope on the desk. He opens the envelope and extracts the sheet of paper on which only the word 'IDIOOT!' is written. He looks around the classroom but can not discover anything strange. He sighs and says: "I have often received letters from students who had forgotten to put their name under it. But this is the first student to send a letter with his name underneath ... and forget to write the letter! "

7. Teacher

A teacher explains: "All words that start with 'on' are negative. Pieter, do you know another word? "Pieter:" Teacher, sir! "

8. The alphabet

Jantje is coming to his new school for the first time. The teacher asks:
"Do you already know the alphabet, Jantje?"
Jantje: "Yes teacher"
Asks the teacher: "What letters come after the A?"
Jantje: "All letters teacher"

9. Lay eggs

Jantje has to count on school. The master says: "Jack when I lay four eggs and you put three eggs, how many are there?" Jantje: "Still four, because I can not lay eggs."

10. Physics

During the physics class. Master: "In heat something goes out, but in the cold something shrinks. Who can give a good example of that? "
Jantje: "The summer holiday lasts 6 weeks and the Christmas holiday lasts only 2 weeks!"

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