Hyperactive - Preventive tips for overstimulation

Every day we are exposed to many stimuli of our senses from the outside world, but also from our inner self.

We see 2 reactions in case of overstimulation or hyperactivity. You become hyperactive, ADHD symptoms or you retreat. Both do not offer a lasting solution, so here are some tips to prevent over-stimulation.

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New age children, ADHD and Autism

To hear the sense

Do not stay in noisy / busy areas, eg loud music or other noise which is disturbing. Take time every day to be in silence, for example by taking a walk and enjoying nature sounds. This brings peace in body and mind.

See for the sense

Avoid rooms with strong light or flashes of light. Halogen lighting, neon lighting, laser shows in discotheques, TV, computer games ect. These impressions over-stimulate very strongly and have a negative effect on our eyes and brains. This can lead to confusion, migraines, poor eyes and certainly to young children to reality-twisting / depressed behavior.

Touch for the sense

Use as much natural materials as possible in clothing and home furnishings. Cold unnatural materials, synthetic materials often cause skin problems, allergies and often give us a feeling of coldness and hardness. Cuddles made of plastic have a completely different effect than cuddly toys from natural materials and that certainly applies to clothing. In children, soft materials often provide comfort, but also in adults. It gives a feeling of warmth and safety.

To smell the senses

The use of chemical (cleaning) agents, perfumes, detergents, bath foam and the senses smell so that problems arise with, for example, the forehead cavities, sinuses and all other mucous membranes. Since we live in a time when there are so many unnatural stimuli this can easily be solved by buying other materials that are pure or unscented. The group of people with allergies is also steadily increasing, as are eczema, psoriasis and other skin ailments.

To smell the senses

Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Use only natural dyes and sugars. Taste enhancers are out of the question as well as preservatives. They disrupt our entire mechanism. There are many vitamins on the market, mostly on a synthetic basis and it is recommended to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Then we do not actually need a dietary supplement. Moreover, there are plenty of options in natural food shops for natural food supplements. Light soft drinks, soft drinks with caffeine and theine are very unhealthy and cause hyperactivity. If you use sugar, use a natural sugar that has not been processed through chemical processes. All synthetic means in food disrupt the inner process and cause many unwanted side effects.

Feel for the sense

Avoid radiation as much as possible. Think of the mobile phone, wireless devices, computer, laptop ect. This radiation causes our own antennas to be disturbed. This is how our emotional world is affected in a negative way, as well as our entire energy system. In fact, we receive radiation instead of pure energy.


Our whole body is energy, everything is energy and by that I mean that we radiate energy to the outside world and also absorb it. We do this in many ways as described above. In order to feel good, it is important to stimulate all the senses in a healthy way. This prevents a lot of trouble, diseases and other symptoms.

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