Coffee - International day of coffee

The smell of coffee beans, delicious! Wake up, and then start the day with coffee. So nice.
I can hardly do without and I think this applies to many people. Recently, because of a bet, I had no coffee for a day. That challenge turned out to be hard for me and I was genuinely glad that it was only one day. I really have not been there that day. For me the day starts with a cup of steaming brown drink.

Personally, I prefer to drink it from freshly ground coffee beans, but of course you can make coffee in many different ways. For instance: oldschool with boiling water in a filter that is filled with ground coffee beans, instant coffee for the quickly finished coffee, bean coffee machine, cafetiere or made with a perculator. And then I'm not talking about anything you can stir through. Sugar, sweets, whipped milk, milk powder, foam, coffee milk, whipped cream, liqueur, and so on.


About the origin of the coffee drink in the place Kaffa are different legends. A shepherd named Kaldi who saw that his goats were very wild and excited after eating certain berries. Kaldi picked the berries and made a drink (bitter). The drink gave him a kind of satisfaction and a clear mind.

Another legend is about a scholar who went to Kaffa and made a drink from the berries. He drank this instead of wine.
The third legend is about a cleric who was banished and who cooked the berries of the coffee plant because of hunger.
Well, who will say which is the right one, maybe they are all right (or not).

First coffee house

In the 16th century, the first European coffee house was opened in Venice. But it took a while before the drink in the Netherlands was drunk. This happened only at the end of the 17th century and then only by a select group because the drink was initially very exclusive.
From the 18th century, coffee was consumed by more people due to the falling price, and coffee eventually became the number one drink.

Fun facts about coffee

Coffee makes the mind sharper because of the caffeine that is in it.
It also seems to burn fat.
Coffee drinkers have 65% less chance of Alzheimer's.
The most expensive coffee was made of elephant shit.
In the Netherlands, on average, most coffee is drunk, namely 2.4 cups per person.
Coffee beans are kernels of berries so not really beans at all.

Children and coffee is not recommended due to the amount of caffeine. But if your child is 13 years or older, it can not be that bad to let him drink one cup of coffee a day.

How do you drink your coffee?

The one drinks it pure black. The other with a cloud of milk and / or sugar. This can be particularly difficult if you are going to get coffee for several people. For example at work. Here we have a coffee machine where the black coffee plus the extras you take get a code. There are colleagues who have made a tray with the name of the colleague plus the code. I myself am a lover of cappuccino. At least coffee with milk.


Coffee is not only delicious with milk and / or sugar, or black, but also delicious in a different form. For example, iced coffee, or as a flavoring in cake, cake or sweets (Haagse Hopjes). Ah, coffee is just delicious!

A day without coffee is unthinkable for me and a true test!

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