Painful breasts

Pain in the breasts is a common pregnancy ailment. In fact, it can even be one of the first symptoms of your pregnancy! That is also a bit logical. During your pregnancy, the milk glands develop to prepare for milk production. Due to the increase of hormones, your breasts swell and become heavier. The skin stretches. Fortunately, the symptoms decrease again at the end of the first trimester.

More sensitive

Your breasts will not only be more sensitive, but they will also become bigger. Your nipples can also change and the veins in your breasts can become more visible. After a few months it is possible that your breasts will leak some colostrum (first breastfeeding). It's all part of it.
But it does not mean that it's nice. They can even be so sensitive that it can be very uncomfortable when touched. Or that even abrasive clothing is experienced as unpleasant.


Fortunately, we can give a few tips to ease the pain.

A good bra

A good fitting bra can take a lot of trouble away from you. It is best to choose a bra with a large cup. Brackets can be uncomfortable and the fit is also important. If the bra is not comfortable, it can irritate the sensitive nipples.
Do you have a lot of pain at night? Wear your bra in the night.
You can also opt for a special maternity bra. This offers good support and usually does not contain a bracket. Often these bras are made of a soft and stretchable fabric, so they rub as little as possible. Due to the elasticity they can grow with your breasts.

Be honest with your partner

If your breasts are so sensitive, it is not pleasant when someone touches them. Say this honestly to your partner. Explain to him what you do and do not like. This way you also give your partner the chance to understand you better.


Reducing the consumption of caffeine can reduce sensitivity.


Treat yourself with a hot shower, bath or heat compresses on your breasts.

Which changes are all possible?

During your pregnancy, everything happens in your body, among other things that your breasts prepare to give nutrition to your child. Your breasts may become more sensitive, but there are a few more ailments that you can suffer from.

Veins more visible

This is due to the increased blood supply. After your pregnancy or if you stop breastfeeding, the visibility will automatically decrease again.

Change nipples

Your nipples can become bigger and darker. Maybe they also go out a bit more, so that your child will soon be able to eat more easily. The areola can also become larger and darker. Even bumps (Montgomery glands) can become visible. These glands protect your nipples from drying out.

Moisture from the breasts

Halfway through your pregnancy, your breasts may start to leak or you will find a dried yellow or white layer in your bra. This is colostrum. It can suddenly stop again or continue a little longer. If only one of the two breasts is leaking, pass this on to your verloskudidge. She will investigate this further.

Fuller breasts

From a week or six your breasts can become fuller and that also continues for a while. It can grow gradually, but it can also happen with a few growth spurt. And that way your breasts can become two cup sizes!
It is a pity that a growth spur may also be accompanied by striae.

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