Weight gain during pregnancy

It is logical that you arrive at a number of kilos during pregnancy. About 11 to 16 kilos on average, with the arrival of twins this is a few kilos more. Little remains of your former figure. But ... fortunately this is temporary. The chance that you get your old figure back is quite big. Especially if you do not eat more than you used to.

If you just continue to eat healthy without too many snacks, it will be all right again.

How is the weight divided?

What is the course of the weight gain?

Do not lose weight

Maybe you are worried that everything is not going well, yet losing weight during pregnancy is not a good option. After all, your child needs sufficient nutrients. Waste substances are also released during waste that are not good for your child. Just try to eat as healthy as possible, but enough. That is good for you and that is good for your child. After the pregnancy you can be on the line again!

For two food is a fable

Healthy eating does not mean that you have to eat for two. That is really a fable. If you were eating so much, you would even get a chance of getting high blood pressure! During your pregnancy you consume about 300 kcal more per day. In total you will then be at around 2400 kcal per day (without pregnancy at ± 2100 kcal per day). You see that there really is not that much difference. If you normally continue to eat healthy, it will be all right.


If it succeeds, try to move. Exercise ensures that you store less fat, which limits weight gain. Most women can move moderately to intensively until well into the pregnancy. Exercising is good for your body, your fitness is getting better, it prevents you from getting too much, it keeps you smooth and it is also a good relaxation for the mind.
If you are pregnant you can swim, walk and cycle well. Try to get 10,000 steps a day with walking. You can install an app on your smartphone that counts the steps for you. Really handy and stimulating.

Meals and snacks

Try to eat as many as possible three full and above all healthy meals and limit the snacks as much as possible. Still pull and want to sniff? Choose as much as possible for healthy snacks: cucumber, snack tomatoes, nuts (no peanuts), radishes, carrots or an egg.

With such a diet you can limit the weight gain as much as possible, so that after your pregnancy you are again (faster) on your old weight.
What do healthy meals look like?


2 sandwiches
low-fat margarine
glass of milk




2 sandwiches
low-fat margarine
glass of milk




150 grams of potatoes, 75 grams of rice or 150 grams of cooked pasta
300 grams of vegetables
100 grams of meat, fish or poultry

What else should you pay attention to?

Try to use as little salt as possible. This only retains moisture. Drink enough water in a day. Preferably about 2 liters. It goes without saying that you do not use alcohol, because this is really bad for your child.
And of course you can take something delicious every now and then! If only exceptions and no regularity is. And if you take something tasty, enjoy it as much as possible !!

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