Pregnancy and insults # blog6

I get out of the car and almost swallow my foot. Why did I hack today while I knew I had a symposium? I know it secretly. I feel like a top woman. I am twenty weeks pregnant and I walk on heels. If that is not female, then I do not know. I step into the kitchen tired and am surprised. Our new kitchen was installed in one day. We have been looking forward to this day for three years. What has he become beautiful.

Relative building fall

In the past six weeks we have lived in a relative construction. Sometimes you have to push it up a bit, because in fact only the kitchen was a mess. We have an open kitchen, which then again. Six weeks of improvising with cooking. A few days with (clean) parents eating, the BBQ, salad or a greasy pre-packaged lasagne in the microwave. It was a moment of survival, completely because of the mess. There was concrete from the floor, the wall had to dry after being struck and the electricity had to be laid down. I got slightly stressed out of it, which of course is reinforced by my slight taint. But the result was certain, it was more than worth the wait and the stress.

Spread kitchen board

Throughout the house we had already laid our kitchen board. If you looked in the bookcase, our glasses and cups were there. Plates could be found in the TV cabinet and our "sweet box" stood next to the lemonade in the basement cupboard. "Come Dirk, we're going to put the stuff in!" I love to put everything back in order and let the peace in the house return. In the evening we put our shoulders together. After all the glasses and cups I am tired. I can not anymore. We continue for a moment so that the plates and trays are also in it. I enjoy making something completely new and useful. Dirkjan arrives with a big cup of tea from our new Quooker and I pop on the couch. Cheers with Picnic.

Sleep tight

In the evening in bed I feel my legs sink into the mattress. A wonderful feeling when I have been physically busy all day. "Sleep good Aniet", "Good night". I turn on my side and feel a kick in my stomach. "Yes you too. Sleep well, small pressure maker in my stomach. "

Tell me it is not

Tatuu Tatuu !, I hear from far. I get the shivers over my body. I always get the bibbers that they come for me. They come closer and I hear car doors slamming in front of our house. I see that the spot next to my bed is empty, I hear heavy footsteps coming up and I think: "Tell me it is not, tell me it is not. Tell me it is not true. "Unfortunately, it is true. The stress and fatigue of the kitchen and pregnancy have become too much for me. Whether it goes well with me does not matter much to me. I would like them to examine our baby. "We are not in favor of that, madam. We will check you out. Your midwife is on the way. "

No light talk

Everything turns out to be okay with me. Very nice stuff, but let that midwife come! I hear light footsteps coming up the stairs and see a familiar face. We stop the light-hearted talk and immediately start listening to the heart. It all sounds very healthy. "Go to sleep, girl. I will come back tomorrow and we will discuss how we will continue to guide your pregnancy. "Normally I would worry about what is coming. Now nature takes over from me and makes me go to sleep.

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