Home birth? Make the delivery room ready in time!

You have opted for a home birth, a delivery in a familiar environment, but for this a few things have to be put in order and taken home. Your midwife can tell you exactly what you need for a good nursery and what you need to do.
In any case, in good time (about 6 to 8 weeks before delivery) you have to purchase a maternity package. The health insurer (or home care) takes care of this. This can be collected at the pharmacy and in some cases it is sent to your home address. You can inform your health insurance company here.

Bed up at home birth

For a home birth it is necessary that your bed has the correct (working) height. Measured from the ground, this must be at least 80 centimeters. This is to prevent back problems with the obstetrician and maternity carer. There are special bed raisers available at the cross association or home care store. There you can also go for a bed and bed sheet. These too are important in the house for a home birth.
It is nice if the bed has a firm mattress.

Baby products

As soon as your child is born, he will have to be cared for. It is useful if you already have a number of care products for your baby. Think baby ointment, baby bottle with teat (if you do not want to breastfeed), diapers, et cetera.
It is possible that your child can still keep himself a little hot. A jug can then offer a solution. This has nothing to do with the outside temperature, because in the summer babies can just as well need it. You can also use the jug for warming up the clothes.

Hydrophilic diapers

If you want to use cotton diapers, buy around 24 hydrophilic diapers (and bows, safety pins, leukepor or a diaper clamp), but also if you want to use throw-away diapers, it is advisable to bring some of these hydrophilic diapers into your home. You will see that you are going to use it a lot!
It goes without saying that you already have some baby clothes (and at least 2 hats) in the house! Preferably in different sizes, so there are always clothes that fit your child.

Choice of the room

Not every room in the house is suitable for use as a nursery. A good nursery has the following characteristics:

There is a bed (at the right height) with a good mattress.
If the nursery is located on the first floor, it is important that the staircase is not steeped or turned down. Are you 100 kilos or heavier, then it is advisable to give birth on the ground floor. In that case, you can rent an extra bed at the home care store.
The room must be pleasantly heated, well lit and of course clean.
The room should not be too small, for example, there should be enough space for a (small) table. This can also be an ironing board.
Piped water is present near the nursery.

For yourself

A pair of nice warm socks is not a luxury. After your birth you can get cold and there is nothing as bad as two cold feet.
After the delivery, you continue to flow for a while, make sure you have enough sanitary towels in your home. In the maternity package you will find maternity bandage, when this is finished, you can switch to regular sanitary napkins.
Even though 'you are certain' that you will give birth at home, make sure that a flight case is ready. Something can always go wrong so you still have to go to the hospital in a hurry. Then it is so nice when everything is ready, so that you only have to think of one thing: Take along the bag!


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