Father's Day - Pamper Dad all day!

Every third Sunday in June is Father's Day. Father's Day is not a commercial response to Mother's Day, as is sometimes thought, but a stand-alone tradition. Father's Day has grown into an important day in the family as well as Mother's Day. At (primary) schools and nurseries, every year plenty of attention is given to all kinds of craftwork to surprise daddy!

In 1909 Father's Day was introduced by Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, from the state of Washington. She wanted to thank her father, William Jackson Smart, for everything he had done for her and her brothers and sisters. He was a veteran from the American Civil War, and he became a widower after his wife died in childbirth at the birth of their sixth child. He did not remarry, but only raised his six children. At an adult age, Sonora realized how hard it must have been and wanted to highlight the strength and perseverance of her father. She was inspired by Anna Jarvia, who launched Mother's Day.

First Father's Day

On June 19, 1910, the first Father's Day took place in Spokane, Washington State. President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea in 1924 to celebrate a Father's Day, but the US Congress - which consisted entirely of men - did not want to implement something that put men in the limelight. As a result, the day was officially recognized in America during the presidency of Richard Nixon in 1972.

Who is Father's Day for?

Today Father's day is a day in which not only biological fathers are put in the spotlight, but actually everyone who has a father's role. So also stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers and good friends are honored on this day.

When is Father's Day celebrated?

Most countries celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday of June, but there are a few exceptions:

ItalyMarch 19, the death day of Joseph the father of Jesus
SpainMarch 19
French-speaking BelgiumMarch 19
PolandJune 23
TaiwanAugust the 8th
LuxembourgOctober 3
GermanyAscension Day, Jesus returns to his Father in heaven
Australia1st Sunday of September
Belgium2nd Sunday of June
Argentina3rd Sunday of June
Canada3rd Sunday of June
Chili3rd Sunday of June
Cuba3rd Sunday of June
Philippines3rd Sunday of June
France3rd Sunday of June
Hong-Kong3rd Sunday of June
India3rd Sunday of June
Ireland3rd Sunday of June
Japan3rd Sunday of June
Malay3rd Sunday of June
Malta3rd Sunday of June
Mauritius3rd Sunday of June
Mexico3rd Sunday of June
The Netherlands3rd Sunday of June
Peru3rd Sunday of June
Singapore3rd Sunday of June
Slovakia3rd Sunday of June
Turkey3rd Sunday of June
Venezuela3rd Sunday of June
United Kingdom3rd Sunday of June
United States3rd Sunday of June
South Africa3rd Sunday of June

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