Watching TV and toddlers

There are so many nice TV series or films that are made especially for toddlers and preschoolers. But is it good for him? It is easy, you have your hands free to do other things, when he is watching. But is it desirable for your toddler?

It goes without saying that watching a lot of TV is not good for your toddler. Sufficient research has been done and the outcome was not so positive. For example, links have been found between watching too much TV in the early years and poorer school presentations in later life. These children would also be more susceptible to overweight and ADHD. These are not really fine findings.
Children need interaction, such as playing, tinkering, moving. This is insufficiently stimulated in TV viewing. The motor skills are not at all stimulated when passively watching the TV.
American paediatricians advise children not to watch television for up to 2 years and then to build up quietly.

No TV at all?

Is TV then not an option at all? It does not have to be that black and white. Your toddler can sometimes watch the TV, but not too long. Even better is to look together with him, so that you can talk to him about it. This way you can also keep an eye on what he is looking at and whether a program is suitable for your child.
There are also programs where your child can participate interactively. Think for example of Sesame Street or Tik Tak. In a playful way they learn to sing songs, movements, letters and words.

Time for the TV, according to an expert

0 - 2 years: watching TV together for 5 minutes a day and surfing together a few times a week;
2 - 4 years: 5 to 10 minutes at a time, up to a maximum of 30 minutes per day;
4 - 6 years: 10 to 15 minutes at a time, up to 1 hour per day;
6 - 8 years: a maximum of 1 hour per day, spread over periods of up to 30 minutes;
8 - 10 years: maximum 1 to 1½ hours of screen time per day;
10 - 12 years: a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day;
12 years and older: a maximum of 3 hours of screen time per day.

What is a good program?

A good program for the youngest has a quiet pace. Toddlers need more time than older children to absorb images and sounds. They are delighted by repetitions. A good program uses bright colors. Especially the primary colors like red, blue and yellow.
Songs always do well, especially when they are repeated. for him it will become more and more recognizable.

In a good program no 'monsters' occur, no matter how nice they are. For example, small children do not like it when animals are locked up or beaten. Or when something bad happens to other children.

Favorite toddler programs

What your child likes to find, he has to discover for himself. We can give you a few tips of programs that are liked by many children. For instance:

Sesame Street
woezel and Pip
Dora the Explorer
The sand castle
Get on with Dirk Scheele

Fun, and also educational programs, where your child can have fun.


Teleac / NOT has developed especially for the little ones PeuterTV. During this time you can see programs for children from 1 to 5 years. In this time they broadcast programs such as 'Teletubbies' and 'Het zandkasteel'. PeuterTV should help with the media education of small children, with educational programs. Of course, the programs are especially fun for children. For example, they help with language development.

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