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"If you still want a pet in a year, then it is allowed," I said.
About a year ago, the subject of 'pets' was first discussed with our children. Which pet would you like, I asked. Our eldest son, then 5 years old, went for rabbits. Our daughter, then 3 years old, went for a cat.

The youngest had little to choose with his 11 months. At that time it was not very good to me to start pets, but I solemnly promised: if you still want a pet in a year, then it is allowed.

A year later

And yes, suddenly it was a year later. And yes, they still wanted it. I grew up with cats in the house and later also with a dog and chickens. Martin (husband) also grew up with animals around him. Until now, our children only saw the animals with grandfathers and grandmothers, so maybe it was really time for family expansion.

At the moments that our children really saw an animal, it was very exciting. All three do not dare to help grandfather bring the horse to the pasture and the petting of grandfather and grandmother is not a favorite. Especially for our youngest it is all but scary. He is vibrating like a straw when an animal comes close to him.

Fear of animals

And actually that did the knot for me. They do not have to become a big animal lover, but fear of animals is not necessary anymore. And that's how I tacked. I introduced it to Martin again. He was not very enthusiastic at first, but also realized that it could be a good move for the children.

And as if it had to be this way, I did not see a message via Facebook that a family was looking for a new home for their cat. The cat did not go well with other animals and needed a house where she would be the only animal. She could do with children. This was exactly a cat for us!

Dear Luna

Not much later became this sweet cat Luna, our roommate. I had brought our youngest son with the purchase of stuffed things to get used to the idea. When we had the stuff in the house, he looked around anxiously. With so much stuff, there also had to be a cat in the neighborhood.

A few days later it was so far and we picked up Luna. What a sweet animal! That they smeared the trunk of the car on the way home, we took it for granted. At home she immediately went to research and soon she was already used to it. The first week she slept every night at Martin's lap!

Fat friends

And the children? Well, they needed a bit more time to get used to. They occasionally looked around anxiously to see where the cat was now again. And they did not really want her on lap. But, the youngest, with the greatest animal fear, has long since overcome his fear. The first thing he does in the morning is 'watch Luna'. And he lies on his stomach next to her when she eats her chunks. And yes, of course he is looking for the danger, so he already has the first outing of Luna. But that does not stop him from looking up again and again: big friends!

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