Pomsie plush - You wrap him around your arm like that!

Do you know the super cute new cuddly toy Pomsie? Pomsies are so soft and cuddly that you just have to keep cuddling them. With a lot of attention, love and hugs, she will definitely become your new girlfriend. She may not be able to talk, but her eyes speak a language that you are going to understand. And do you know what is so useful? Because of her long tail you wrap her around your arm, ankle, or bag. A Pomsie is never actually in the way!

How does the Pomsie work?

The Pomsie works very simply. Once you have taken her out of the package, just press her nose. Your fluffy kitten will wake up and be ready to play with. The color of her eyes tell how she feels. There are different colors possible:

Turquoise: She is cheerful
Yellow: She is hungry
Green: She has the hiccups
Blue: She's a little sick
Pink: She is a bit rowdy
Rainbow: She is super duper puper happy!


In the description you can read exactly what you can do if your Pomsie changes color and what she may need. In the package you will also find a small brush with which you can brush the kitten. That way you keep her soft and fluffy.

Hidden sensors

The Pomsie has several hidden sensors, three to be precise. One on her mouth, one on her forehead and the third is hidden on her head. As soon as you turn her on, she is in 'party mode', she has turquoise eyes. When you begin to caress her, the interactivity starts and she starts to respond.
Pomsie can respond in 50 different ways by means of these sensors. She even has a dance mode!

Pomsie needs 1 AAA battery, but this is included so that you can cuddle directly.

Cute and more convenient

The kitten is reminiscent of the former Furby, but I find the Pomsie not only more cute, but also more convenient because you can tie him around with the long tail. That is much easier! Because of the (I think) iron wire in the tail, she also stays in place. And let's face it, with those huge big eyes, are you just melting?

Different colors

This cute kitten is available in different colors: pink / blue, blue, purple / pink, pink, pink / white and white / blue. We have the pink / blue Pomsie and the purple / pink.

The Pomsies are suitable for children from 4 years.

Specifications Pomsie plush

TitlePomsie hug
price19.99 euros
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