Winter sports in France # blog36

By the end of the year I always get the jitters. I prefer to get into the car just before the holidays and drive towards the snow. In my opinion there is nothing more fun than celebrating Christmas in a snowy environment. The snow cracking under your feet, the smell of crackling firelogs and the taste of hot chocolate with whipped cream. With a dash of rum, because it is a holiday and we can treat ourselves even better.


Several times I spent the winter sports in Austria. In a small village near the Italian border. We have been there so often that we were known in the village as 'Die Niederlanders'. The atmosphere was pleasant and the surroundings beautiful. In the course of the years we have done a lot of stupid things, such as for example attaching a sleigh to the car when you are driving down a mountain. And then it is crazy, that the sledge goes faster than the car and you are only busy with saving yourself. Not really a smart action, but we laughed. Especially for ourselves.


With great pleasure I think back to all those years. The guest house where we stayed at that time no longer exists. Time for something else. Of course it is no problem to find another location in Austria, there are enough, but actually I want something different. Suddenly I thought of France, actually because I accidentally landed on the Neckerman site and saw all those nice locations in France.

French alps

In the summer we have probably been on holiday in France for about ten times, From Brittany, via Normandy to the Côte d'Azure, but we have never been there in winter.
It's crazy, because I think France is a really nice country to go to and many of Europe's largest and most attractive ski regions are notable in the French Alps, which on average are also higher than in Austria, so more chance of fresh snow.

When I read the information on the site and see all those nice mountain villages and beautiful accommodations, the pretense has already begun. I see a beautiful apartment, right on the ski slopes with a wonderful wellness center and à la carte restaurant. I say go for it!

Not just skiing

But winter sports is more than just skiing. Over the years I have had several ski lessons, but skiing in combination with fear of heights does not work very well. Although I ended up with my ski attempts, I stayed a big fan of winter sports. I am enjoying myself with other things. While my partner is skiing, I enjoy a good book in the sun or watch everyone go skiing.


I also like to go down the mountain with a sledge, which I find in some way less scary than on skies. I get the laughter of a snowball fight, I can start with a big snowman, enjoy hot apple pie with chocolate milk, have fun during the aprez ski - because you really do not have to ski for it - like to take a tour or a walk by the beautiful winter wonderland and warm up in the sauna in the evening.

And that's why winter sports are so much fun! There is something for everyone, even if you do not ski. It is above all the warm cosiness of enjoying together that brings you closer together. That is my vacation, that is for me winter sports and that is the feeling that at the end of the year starts to itch again ...

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