Music for your baby - How important is that?

According to our visitors, music is important to their baby. Below you can read their reasons.

the way to calm my baby!

a wonderful relaxation before bedtime

really a necessity of life. He is dancing all day!

a calming activity.

the way to express themselves!

is a moment of the two or three of us to enjoy each other extra.

a great stimulant! He can not wait for his first dance! "Wait until I can stand, I will be the first to enter the dance floor!

relax and fall asleep peacefully.

like the air to live

as a whipped cream on his pal (a nice combination)

swing it out baby!

soothingly enjoy all that relaxing heartbeat

a wonderful relaxation

what my night's rest is for me. Sooooo important!

the best thing there is, because her father is a singer and she enjoys when she hears music!

a soothing and safe feeling and that gives him a pleasant and protected feeling!

just relax and enjoy peace, and then mommy is completely kissed as a thank you.

a listening pleasure and especially good with your dot.

a development for music!

a first necessity of life.

an already cheerful and happy cheeks comes a nice healthy color. Yes, after a nice song we both have a radiant mood!

and plaster on the sore spot!

be happy, move and see if mom and dad are also on the dance floor.

just as important as eating and drinking, only condition: it must sound a bit swinging!

after mom and dad the best remedy. With grief and pain, to be happy and happy again afterwards.

so important. We use soft music during baby massage and he relaxes fantastic.

enjoy with a big G.

like water and fish, the more often I put music on it, the quieter it is!

perhaps a beginning of a dazzling career as musicians!

recognition! During my pregnancy I played a lot of New Age music and my baby is now sleeping peacefully.

return to the safe feeling of the womb

such a beautiful thing, his eyes gleaming, his legs are bouncing and his hands move when I turn on music for him, always great fun!

as gasoline for my hummer; indispensable!

like my baby for me: unthinkable!

well that little bit that is necessary for a quiet night's sleep.

very important. She completely relaxes with a quiet music and with a cozy music we sing together !! She has the highest word in spite of being so small (3 months), and that is wonderful to see.

very soothing and keeps him in balance

a moment for herself.

a source of happiness. She is cute in size, my dear little girl. And if she then falls asleep, tired but satisfied, then I can sleep well myself.

a daily relaxation before bedtime, a resting point in its existence!

everything, when he hears his most fun nursery rhymes (we make a circle / Jan Huigen in the barrel) he starts shining right away and immediately asks my hand to participate.

daily costs it belongs to him as hungry and thirsty!


a happy future

trying to imitate mommy when she is singing hard!

enjoy, relax, explore, recognize and have fun!

recognition and therefore soothing and familiar after birth.

baby as angelic song.

very important!

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