Popin 'cookin' - Donuts!

Have you ever heard of Popin 'cookin'? Popin 'cookin' is Japanese candy. They are packages with which you can make different 'dishes'. The packages contain trays, molds, powders and other necessities. You make mini hamburgers, mini ice creams or in this case mini donuts!

Nice activity

Making minifood is of course a great fun activity. You do need a little patience and it might be useful to watch online how to use the different ingredients. The manual is in Japanese. We have bought this package for 5.95 euro at www.mostcutest.nl where many more types of packages are for sale. With this package we have been busy for about one and a half hours.

Extra requirements

Besides a little bit of water, you do not need anything else.

And now: Getting started!

3 spoonfuls of water

1 spoonful of water

1 spoonful of water

3 spoonfuls of water

1 spoonful of water


It is a time-consuming job but very nice to do. It looks so cute! The steps to take and the amount of water listen very closely. It is therefore advisable to make the package together with the children. When children have to do this alone, it becomes a difficult story. Soon we will try more packages!

What is the taste?

My son was allowed to eat the donuts and according to him they were tasty. The chocolate he found something better than the vanilla donuts and especially the pink sauce he found very tasty sweet. It does not really taste like donuts, but that does not really matter because in this case the pleasure is in making and not in the food!

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