World Stuttering Day - How do you deal with stuttering?

Since 1998, the World Stuttering Awareness Day has been organized on 22 October. Now, of course, someone stutters not only on October 22, but on this day there is some extra attention for stuttering. About 175,000 people stutter in the Netherlands, of which I used to be one in elementary school. Very often I still tend to stutter when I want to tell very quickly and very much through my enthusiasm.


I thought it terrible that if I wanted to tell you I was going to stutter, because at the same time I blushed to my ears with shame. The strange thing was that my report always said that I was chatting too much. Because chatting in class always happened in whispers, it usually went without stuttering. Apparently you get a different breath, because whispering goes fine without stuttering. Like singing. I love to sing.

This creates stuttering

Stuttering usually starts between the second and fifth year of life. This is the time when children learn to speak more. Stuttering is more common in boys or men in old age than in girls and women. Stuttering can sometimes worsen or decrease for a short period and in some cases temporarily disappear completely.

In fact, there is no clear answer to the question where stuttering occurs. It is known that, in stuttering, certain parts of the brain are too active or too little active. Especially the area of ​​the primary motor cortex is 'over-active' compared to non-stutterers. When a muscle movement needed to talk goes wrong (or goes wrong), it is fed back to the brain. This can happen, for example, if you feel a certain tension. In case of stuttering, this feedback is given less adequately, as a result of which the muscles continue to correct. This causes stutter symptoms.

What can you do against stuttering

In any case, do not get angry because you can not speak stutter free, because that only works counterproductive. A good friend (50+) stutters me and he is quite funny about it. Then he says, for example: 'That was three times'. Or he says: 'Just again'. But I know from myself as a child that I became super insecure.

There are various therapies, from a speech therapist to group therapies. This will have to be viewed per individual, because not every stuttering problem is the same. With me a bit of peace in speaking, my stuttering problem solved.

What especially do not

In any case, do not get angry, or anxious to speak. Easier said than done of course, because you are really not the only one who is irritated by this. Especially if you want to tell something quickly, it is very difficult when you start stuttering.
For the listeners, help those who stutter only with supplements if you are sure that they (or they) appreciate it and otherwise not.


There are more men than women who stutter, the ratio is about 4: 1. At the time of the toddler age the ratio is 2: 1.
Did you know that Marilyn Monroe stuttered? But also Bruce Willis and Frans Bauer. The most famous stutterer in the Netherlands is probably Miss Montreal. Without a doubt, she is also very charming about it.
If you stutter, you are in good company. Worldwide, around 66 million people stutter. So you are not really the only one!

Video: Tips to Stop Stuttering

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