The Grinch

Last Saturday we were invited for the premiere of The Grinch. It is still not entirely clear to me whether it is a remake of "How The Grinch stole Christmas" from 2000 or a remake of a previously released version in book form. In itself that does not matter that much, of course, it's about being a fun movie! Secretly I find animated films usually very nice, so it was certainly no punishment for me to watch this film. On the contrary.

When we arrived it was already a pleasant crowd. I saw Carlo Boszhard (voice of The Grinch) and Karin Bloemen (voice of Mayor Ogurkie) walk over the red carpet. I have not seen the rest of the voices, for example Ilse Warringa (voice of the mother of Cindy-Loe Woe). The premiere was well catered for with entertainment by the Kidz DJ for the youngest, a drink (coffee, tea, soft drinks) and a drizzle in the form of a delicious mini muffin, popcorn, croissants and currant buns.

The film itself

There was a well-kept goody bag on every seat in the hall. There were also delicious things in it. For me this became my first 3D film, so I enjoyed the beautiful images twice and during the snake ball fight I dived into each other to avoid the snowball that was thrown into the hall. I was scared to death. The film itself is of course an old story, The Grinch wants to steal the Christmas because he hates Christmas. He meets Cindy Loe-Woe, a cheerful little girl who loves Christmas. The Grinch is a grumpy green creature with a nice dog. At least I really liked the dog. I wish my cat was so handy, with breakfast in bed including coffee. But I think I have to wait a long time.

The Grinch experiences and does everything to come to steal Christmas, with great laughable moments and of course the necessary underlying messages. The film obviously looks very slick in terms of animations. I will not, of course, explain how it goes on in this film. For that you really have to see the film yourself. It is a great film to definitely watch in the coming period. The dark days before Christmas, a great time to go to the cinema together or alone. I'm sure you will not be able to suppress a smile from time to time. The film has several hilarious or moving moments. Definitely a (Christmas) party to watch.

Synopsis The Grinch

The Grinch is the eighth animated film by Illumination and Universal Pictures, the creators of, among others, the Terrible Ikke films, Minions, Pet secrets and Sing. This famous Christmas story from Dr. Seuss is talking about a grumble that is planning to steal the Christmas party, but is brought to other thoughts by the cheerful girl Cindy-Lou who is very fond of Christmas. This recognizable story about the magic of Christmas is funny, heart-warming and a visual party for the whole family. In the original version with the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch. Furthermore with the voices of, among others, Cameron Seely (Cindy-Lou Who), Rashida Jones (Donna), Kenan Thompson (Bricklebaum), Angela Lansbury (Mayor McGerkle) and Pharrell Williams (narrator).


Carlo Boszhard (Voice), Kee Derwig (Voice), Ilse Warringa (Voice), Murth Mossel (Voice), Karin Flowers (Voice), Matheu Hinzen (Voice), Roman Derwig (Voice), Viggo Neijs (Voice), Fedja van Huêt (Voice), Julia Wolda (Voice)


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