Dangerous challenge among teenagers: Tide Pot Challange

If your child has passed the pre-school age, you still have the idea that the safety locks can be removed from the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You have taught him what he can and can not do, he listens well because he knows that he can get sick of cleaning products. Very sick. He leaves it out of his head to take a sip of chlorine or rinse aid, because he prefers putting the bottle of Cola or Sinas on his mouth. That tastes much sweeter.

Everything for the ratings

You think that the danger of poisoning is over, but then your child becomes a teenager, discovers Youtube and suddenly crazy things happen. 'Everything for the ratings', because many children dream of becoming a Youtubehype. There you can use a sturdy challange.

Tide Pot Challange

Many challenges have already passed. Think of the icechallange (an innocent one), but there is also already a cinnamon chalange passed, where kids had to take a bite of cinnamon. That was a little less innocent, because that is not entirely without risk. Now, however, there is a new challenge: Tide Pot Challange '. In this challenge teenagers put the brightly colored laundry tablets in their mouths and have to chew on them! You must not think about it and it is certainly not innocent.


You think now, "That can never be good ..." and you think so. Wash tablets are perfectly suited to get the laundry clean, but they are toxic when you eat them. There are not any warnings on the packaging that you should keep them away from small children. Apparently also for teenagers.

Since the turn of the year

The cheerful colored tablets are worked in as sweets. The trend started around the turn of the year and quickly became a real hype on the internet. According to the American health organization American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), there is a significant increase in the number of emergency cases at which washing tablets were swallowed at the beginning of the year. For the time being, the hype is still limited to American youth. They give parents a warning that the innocent looking capsules contain very concentrated and poisonous detergent.

What can you get from it?

The official authorities will warn you. If you get the substances from the washing tablets inside you can not only get sick and go vomit, you can also get breathing problems and change of blood pressure. You can also lose your consciousness. Teenagers with asthma, for example, are at even greater risk of complications. Serious shit So!

Report about Tide Pot Challange

Not yet in the Netherlands

As far as known, the hype has not yet spread to the Netherlands, but the world of internet is small. It is therefore important to talk to your kids in advance about the risks of this stupid but especially dangerous challange. Always put the tablets in the washing machine and not in your mouth.

YouTube has now a ban on videos in which teenagers eat tablets. According to YouTube, it is against his Community Guidelines to encourage 'dangerous behavior that can lead to physical harm'. Without a platform to show your antics, there is no more challenge and hopefully this problem will resolve itself.

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