Getting things done for a new generation

Are you familiar with the concept GTD, Getting things done? GTD is a simple, practical way to better deal with the enormous amount of incentives that we face every day. And there are really many ... So it's important to manage all those distractions before they get the upper hand and they ultimately decide what we do in a day.


GTD is not only necessary for children, but equally for ourselves. We too are exposed to hundreds or thousands of stimuli every day. I notice it throughout the day that I am always tempted with new distractions. It sometimes takes me a lot of effort to keep my focus on my work. Several times I call myself (literally) to order with: 'No Marion, focus!'

Many distractions

We live in a society where a lot of things come to the children. School, hobbies, family, friends, sports and much more. Everyone seems to be connected and often not a minute passes or you hear a * pling * on your phone, a * plong * on tablet or * pleng * on your computer. All that * geplingplongpleng * distracts and attracts your attention. It is therefore not surprising that my phone is at a standstill when I am working.

Just on silent

During my lunch I watch briefly whether I have missed something important. I have to admit that my phone often remains 'silent' after work, just because I do not want to become a puppet of all those seductive pixels. I prefer to decide for myself what I give my attention to.
This book gives you tips on how you can handle this and how you can organize your life so that you have more time for friends or just for nothing at all.

How do I get there?

Getting Things done is a useful self-help book, but of course you have to be open to it. When I look at my own adolescent, I do not get him to read this book with ten horses. He finds that sin of his time. It would be better if (for example) attention was paid to this problem at school. The book gives absolutely good tips, but now my adolescent so far to get that he actually reads and he has a lot more trouble to release his pixels than I ...

Specifications Getting things done for a new generation

TitleGetting things done for a new generation
PublishingA.W. Bruna / Lev.
AuthorDavid Allen
Number of pages304
price24.99 euros

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