Development of baby in month 7

Does your child already have a favorite hug? If he indeed has a favorite, you can process him in the sleeping ritual. This will make your child feel less lonely in his bed.

What are those toes delicious!

Your child looks like elastic! He can bend his legs so that he can play with his feet and suck his toes on his toes! This movement is necessary to learn how to crawl.
Your child may be able to actively roll over. First he turns his shoulders, then follows his lower body. This consciously rolling over from his stomach to his back is also a preparation for learning how to crawl. He will now more consistently pull his knees to his stomach in a crawling motion and will crawl across the ground while crawling over his belly.

On research

Have you made the house safe enough?
The toy is now viewed in all its hands on all sides. It goes from one hand to the other and is turned. If it happens to slip out of his hands, he can take it again himself (provided of course it is within easy reach).
Can he not join? Then he will probably try to attract your attention. He starts to grab things better between thumb and forefinger (tweezers) and uses his hands to examine his own face (and those of others).

Teeth are being tested

With the arrival of his teeth, your child soon learns how to use it ... he will now bite everything that comes in his mouth and unfortunately ... you will also belong to that. It is not out of the way that he does this, but of course you can state that you do not want it. Make sure that it is not a game, otherwise it will be hard to learn.

To talk

He is going to try to 'talk' with differences in pitch and loudness ... He will love the game of 'peek-a-boo' and he will try to work towards a toy that he just can not reach. He can listen to himself very attentively.
Your child can have some trouble saying goodbye when you leave. Fortunately, the sadness quickly passes when you are out of the picture. It is therefore advisable to keep the farewell short.
He enjoys listening to songs and babbling along with the music. It seems that he learns to understand different tonations (happy, serious, surprised) and with 'no' he realizes what you mean. He can get angry if you forbid him something. He starts to like to make lip sounds (brrr, pfff).

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