It takes a village to raise a child # blog8

It takes a village to raise a child. An old African saying: a village is needed to raise a child. I knew this saying long before I even considered ever wanting to have children. For me, this was one that I liked to take with a grain of salt. A whole village? Overdoing is also a profession, say! I did not really believe in this. And also: I can really do a lot alone, I do not need a village like that! (I'm a bit stubborn!)

It takes a village to raise a child

Now, for the second time in a year, I am about to undergo an operation. A big one too. Such a one where you can not do much for the first few weeks. That throws a very different light on some things. And suddenly this statement passed again: it takes a village to raise a child.

Suddenly I realized that it is true. Well, a whole village? I think a very African village, but still. They are quite a few people who are in some way co-educators of our children. And in my opinion it is also true that: the more children, the larger the village that you need. And yes, three children might become a medium-sized African village.

But who belongs to that village?

But who are all that, would you think? Well, let's start at the beginning. At the time that our first child was born, who were involved? It already starts with a maternity assistant. Sure, it's paid for it, but hey, it definitely contributes to the growth of your children. And for the sake of convenience, I forget the midwives, gynecologists, nurses, if they were all necessary.

And that is only the beginning. How often in the past six years have I not appealed to a family member: mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law. I needed them all from day one! For advice, for a babysitter, for a listening ear.

Paid forces; just as important!

After family the leaders of the childcare, the childminders and the teachers of the toddler group. They, too, have done a great deal (or are going to do that) in how it is with our little ones. Also all paid powers, but no less important!

And then, friends and friends, mother or no mother, father or no father, they contribute to bringing up the children. By adjusting, by giving responsible and less responsible presents and often by just being there.

Hands and eyes

But also the simple hands and eyes that you sometimes need. A dear neighbor who takes care of a sick child when you bring the other child to school. Or that mother from the neighborhood who takes your child to swimming lessons or a gym.

And then the teachers, the masters, the trainees and supervisors, the trainers. And all those others that I forget or that are coming! Just count and you will surely come to a village! All people who are not as aware as you chose for your child, but are prepared with love for him or her and thus for you as a parent!

Trust in my village

So, if in a few weeks I can not do that much myself, then I can (again) rely on the village to those around us that help us raise our children. How nice is that!

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