Foot and leg complaints during pregnancy

Your pregnancy is something beautiful that you enjoy most of the time. But during your pregnancy you may have to deal with all sorts of discomforts. For example, many pregnant women get symptoms on the feet and legs. We tell you what the most common complaints are, which complaints are 'normal' and which are not and what you can do to prevent and / or remedy this.

Tired or heavy legs

Because you have to carry a lot of extra weight, you will quickly feel more pressure on your legs. During your pregnancy, about 20 percent more blood is transported through your body and this causes pressure on your veins. They will therefore feel tired and heavy faster. About 30 percent of pregnant women suffer from this. What you can do for relief is to lie down with your back in bed and your legs against the wall. You then apply a gel or other refreshing lotion to your legs and massage it well. Stay a minute or ten after the massage and you will feel much better!

Dropped feet

Because of the hormones and extra weight, your foot can sag and become bigger in a short time. This is due to the softening of the ligaments. Overload, nerve complaints and painful joints often occur here. Comfortable shoes are a must here as a suitable sneaker model with a good footbed for support. Perhaps a size larger than normal, but ideal for daily use or during a (maternity) workout.


An annoying complaint that can startle you at night is a cramp in your legs. This is because the blood circulation is less. Stretch your leg and pull your toes towards you and stretch your leg muscle. Counterpressure also often wants to help. Whether or not with the help of your partner. A walk often helps. What can help to prevent cramp is to raise the foot of your bed slightly. If this is not possible, you can also put a pillow under your feet or mattress. Also try not to stand too much during the day.

Varicose veins

If something is not beautiful during your pregnancy, then it is called varicose veins. This is a vein in which oxygen-deprived blood always remains. With healthy veins the blood is pushed upwards through your muscles and valves in your veins ensure that the blood can not flow back. During pregnancy, the vessel walls weaken and there is more pressure on the veins, they can stretch a little. And that's what you see on the outside. They will not go away by themselves, you have to go to your doctor and this will probably refer you. You can reduce them by stimulating the blood circulation well by massage, exchange baths in the shower and not your legs crossed over each other.

Restless legs

The name says it all: restless legs. It is a weird, annoying, scratching feeling. As if there are all ants running over your legs. It comes set up when you are at rest, especially at night. The only thing you want to do is move your legs. A cause may be that your iron or folic acid is too short or reduced circulation of the calves. Try to exercise enough, eat healthy and avoid caffeine as much as possible. Changing rooms and a cool bedroom can also help. After the pregnancy, the complaints will disappear again.

Some ailments are unavoidable but by taking into account as much as possible you can keep it to a minimum.

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