Dutch family opts for traditional Christmas

The holidays are at the door again. We (Ikenmama.nl and pennea.org) asked their visitors: what does your family do at Christmas? The responses show that Dutch families prefer a traditional Christmas.

Christmas days with family

95% of the more than 750 respondents said they were celebrating Christmas. Financial and religious reasons are mentioned as a reason not to celebrate Christmas. The Dutch seem to take a lot of account of their family for the completion of the Christmas season. Only 5% of respondents do their own sentence during these days. No distant travel or city trips at Christmas: more than half of the respondents celebrate Christmas day just with family. Also second Christmas Day is spent by many (almost 50%) family members. Christmas is really a family celebration. For the Christmas dinner preferably the gourmet set is pulled out of the cupboard. But carpaccio, ice cream cake and tiramisu are also popular Christmas dishes. In terms of desserts, there is also another traditional topper: stew pears.

Gifts under the tree

Almost all respondents pick up a Christmas tree, which in half of the cases is traditionally decorated, with garlands and Christmas balls. There are Christmas presents under many of those Christmas trees. Large unpacking, however, happens little: the average gift costs between 10 and 20 euros. Will music be played during the unpacking of the presents? Then 'new classics' like All I want for Christmas and Driving Home for Christmas are by far the favorite. It is striking that the real traditionals such as 'Silent Night' and 'Jingle Bells' are mentioned much less often.

Christmas wishes

Christmas seems to be inextricably linked to traditions and being together with your loved ones. This is also evident from the answers to the question which Christmas wish would prefer to do. The respondents especially want health for their family, a happy life for their children and no more financial worries. Here, too, the neighbors are central again.

Striking figures

95% celebrates Christmas
Main reason not to celebrate Christmas: faith

50% take family into account when completing the Christmas season.
Nearly 50% celebrate Christmas Day with family.
More than 25% celebrates Christmas together with a combination of family, family and friends.

56% celebrate Christmas Day with family.
39% celebrate Christmas Day at home.

Nearly 50% celebrate Christmas Day with family.
33% with only the family.
16% with family, family and friends.

Almost 50% celebrate family day with family.
42% celebrate Christmas Day at home.

75% buy gifts at Christmas.

43% budget of 10-20 euros for a gift.
35% budget of 20-50 euros per gift.

More than 50% opt for a traditional Christmas tree, with garlands and balls.

Favorite Christmas songs

Striking: little traditional Christmas songs

Top 3 Christmas wishes

Health for family
A happy life for the children
No more financial worries

Ultimate Christmas tip for a cozy dinner with kids

Gourmet (pancakes on the baking sheet)
Play games between different courses
Opening presents between courses
Let's help with the preparations

Top 4 Christmas dishes

stewed pears
Delicious dessert (ice cream cake or tiramisu)

Video: How to Make Danish Peppernut Christmas Cookie - Pebernødder

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