From bottle to cup! Learn to drink from a cup

The first six months your baby's mouth is perfectly suited for teats, nipples and bottles. But your child grows and the muscles in his mouth and cheeks develop.
It is of course super cool such a bottle and it is also very nice that your child can hardly mess with it but once comes the time when your child has to start learning to drink from a cup. That will not be possible just from one day to the next, that requires some practice. Because also drinking from a cup, your child has to learn. And the first few times this will give you a lot of fun. You have already been warned.

Prefer not an anti-beaker cup

Buy a plastic cup for your child that he can hold himself. Preferably a regular cup and no anti-beaker because they are a little more difficult. An ordinary cup is already difficult enough. Of course you can help him, but if he wants to try it himself, do not stop him. If necessary, make sure that this happens in a place where it is not bad when there is tampering. So preferably not above your new carpet or snow-white sofa.
If it does not work well, you can also take off the lid and let it drink from the cup in this way.

Which cup then?

Choose a cup that can take a beating. A cup that is not immediately broken when it falls from the highchair to the floor. But better not a non-spill cup, because it still can not be drunk normally and the sucking continues. It is useful if the cup has two ears, with which your child can hold the cup with two hands.

Just wait a week or two

Does your child refuse? Do not make a case of it. Put the cup away and try again in a week or two. With a month or six you can start to offer the first cup. It is important that your child can sit up straight. Take the time to get used to the cup. It is a decent step for your child, nothing wrong to take the time for that.

Practice in advance

Is your child in the bath? Let him practice already by drinking from the cup. He can only get wetter from it.
Well practiced in the bath? Then the real work can begin. Only drink a small layer in the cup the first time. Choose familiar flavors and ensure that the beverage is not too hot or too cold. It is nice when the first acquaintance is as familiar as possible, with drinking that is known to him.

Not in one go

The reduction does not have to be done in one go. After all, your child finds a lot of comfort and security in his bottle. Make the switch to a cup, step by step. You can initially continue to give him bottles and then use one moment in between for the cup. A cup with juice for example. You can then expand these moments further and further.

Less cold

Drinking from a cup is good for your child because he learns to use other mouth muscles in this way. He will soon need this again for his speech development. By drinking from a cup, his nasal breathing is also better so that inflammation and cold bacilli get less chance.

Baby bottle caries

The change from bottle to cup is not only necessary for its (speech) development, it is also better for its teeth. If your child stays on the bottle for too long, the risk of caries increases. And that is of course really not nice.

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