Get familiar with the food jungle

Get familiar with the food jungle is of course not the first book that informs about healthy food for your kids. After all, everyone wants their children to grow up healthy and eat healthy. That is why there is so much supply that you almost no longer see the forest through the trees. Because what is a useful tip? And what does not make sense? Just like football, everyone seems to have an opinion about healthy food, but an opinion does not make someone a nutritionist.

This book is written by two mothers with a university background and work experience in the field of nutrition and health in children. You should therefore expect them to know what they are talking about, at least in any case of which it is currently assumed that it is healthy. Because that seems to change over the years. Logical, because more and more research is being carried out, and new insights are therefore constantly becoming available.

Get familiar with the food jungle

As far as I am concerned, the title is well chosen, because all those tips and tricks that can be found here and there, together form an undoubted jungle. Glad that Michelle and Manon try to give some clarity with this book. The content is based on questions from parents with young children. They talked to them to discover what parents really are struggling with and what they would like to know. That seems to me a nice, practical and welcome starting point.

With the help of experts

And about practically speaking ... There are also a number of recipes in this book that are often very easy to make with your child and give concrete tips that help you eat healthier. The recipes are not central to this book, but rather the (basic) information that is actually healthy for your child. This information is much more useful to know than the superficiality of recipes, because with this you can actually get started yourself.

All advice has been submitted to experts: nutrition scientists, paediatricians, educationalists, a youth doctor, a children's dietician and a pediatric dentist. This book does not just lift on all kinds of hypes, but contains solid information. From breastfeeding to packaging for products. I like that clarity. You can really do something with this.

Specifications Guide in the food jungle

TitleGet familiar with the food jungle
AuthorMichelle van Roost and Manon van Eijsden
Number of pages148
price20 euro

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