LOL Surprise confetti balls

In the previous review of the LOL Surpriseballs, in which we unpacked the balls with cute little pets, we mentioned the arrival of these confetti balls. And here they are! We have no less than four and this time we are going to unpack two. This is also the first time for me to get started with the confetti balls and I was really looking forward to it! It also felt exciting, because I had heard that these balls pop out with a pop and confetti. That sounds very festive but also a bit exciting.

Third series again

These LOL Surprise confetti balls are already the third series in the LOL Surprise doll series! That also says something about the popularity of these balls. I am very curious how long this hype persists, but as it looks now, the end is not yet in sight and many balls will be unpacked! Fun!

Hard to get complete

Only the collection - with so much diversity - is almost impossible to complete. There are so many different dolls that it will be a very expensive issue if you want to collect all the puppets from the different series together. Maybe that's why it's better to skip that idea and just enjoy the cute dolls that you can collect.
And cute, they are also this series again. Or better said: tough and cute, because there are really a few cool rockschiks!

Surprise party

Every ball is a surprise party in itself. There is a lot to discover such as: plaktatoo, sticker sheet, rebus, the overview, shoes / boots, clothing, accessory, drinking cup and of course the doll itself. When you have taken everything out of the ball, you pull on the ribbon and the last surprises come out. With a handful of cheerful confetti! Only that is already a party in itself.

Increasingly fun

I notice to myself that I actually start to like the balls more and more. Especially the beautiful details appeal to me. Of course it is a lot of money for a little doll, but the dolls are very nicely executed with nice details. In addition, the tension and the surprise element make the dolls even more fun! I am already looking forward to unpacking the last two balls. I wonder which ladies I will find in there!
The bang is fortunately very bad. It is certainly festive, but children do not have to worry about it.

Watch the video

Of course I also made a short film of this again. Do you like the movie? Then press the blue thumb!

Specifications LOL Surprise confetti balls

TitleLOL Surprise confetti balls
BrandMGA Entertainment
price12.99 euros

Video: LOL Surprise Doll Series 3 Confetti POP ! SPIN Surprise Blind Bag Ball Toy Video

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