From baby room to toddler room

Your child is no longer a baby. After two years of having slept in his baby bed, his bed has become too small and actually that changing table is also a bit redundant.

You look a bit pity at those cute little bears on the wallpaper. Your toddler is now much more interested in dinosaurs and cars. Perhaps the time has now come to turn the baby room into a real toddler room. But how do you do that? What should you pay attention to? We give tips!

Get inspired

Well stolen is better than badly conceived. Be inspired by others, surf to the residential inspiration of Karwei or take a look at Pinterest for great ideas. You will undoubtedly find an idea that suits you and what your toddler can enjoy for years to come!

Themes are always fun!

The theme may depend on the experience of your toddler. Maybe he is crazy about dinosaurs, cars, Trolls, princesses or football. If you have a theme, the layout is already a lot easier. After all, you have a theme to stick to.

Do you want to follow the trend? At the moment the car room or children's room of scaffolding wood is completely hot. Maybe also a nice idea for you?

His room will become more and more a playground for him, where he can play with his toys. Therefore, his room is not completely full. It is nice when he has the space for his activities. Maybe a tough play tent is a very nice idea!

The switch to an adult bed is perhaps quite large and that does not have to be the same. You can also go for an interim solution; a bed of 70 × 150 cm where he can once again sleep wonderfully and can feel secure.

New wallpaper

With a new wallpaper the room immediately has a completely different look and there is such nice wallpaper for sale! Do you have any leftover wallpaper left? Then think about whether you can do something nice with it. For example in a picture frame on the other wall, or maybe you like to stick something else with it, such as a cupboard door. If you let certain motifs come back to the room, you create a beautiful whole.


Even though your toddler is no longer a baby, his room must be safe! Maybe now more than the time before! After all, he is mobile now, walks everywhere, clambers everywhere and is especially curious. Very curious. Make sure that sockets are securely sealed, cords are properly concealed, they can not burn on a heater and there are no small, loose parts lying around.

Low or no budget

Is your budget not so big that you can buy everything new? Then take a look at Marketplace for second-hand items.
Maybe you can make the chest of drawers a nice chest of drawers? With a link of paint, an atmospheric homemade lamp and some accessories you can quickly give a completely different atmosphere to the room. Atmosphere is often not in the big, but in the small details.

Of course you can also sell the stuff that you do not need anymore at Marktplaats. You can invest the money you earned with this in his new room.

A call on social media can help. Maybe someone in your friends or acquaintances would just like to get rid of a toddler bed? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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