If you lose your child during pregnancy

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end in a pink cloud of happiness ... sometimes it just goes a bit different and then that pink cloud is nowhere to be seen. Your lap is empty while your heart was so full of love. The only thing you still feel is grief, pain and loss. The loss of your child during pregnancy hurts, very painful. No matter how early it was, however long ago it happened, you always bear this loss. It settles in you, just like your child ever did when everything went well.

How do you deal with this loss?

Perhaps you recognize the grief, you have had a miscarriage yourself, an ectopic pregnancy, an abortion or your baby died just before or after birth. You know like no other how great the loss is. The impact is enormous and is often underestimated. How do you deal with this loss? And if you're in the middle of it, you might wonder how you could ever live normally again? How would you ever laugh again? But in the end your grief will get a place. No, it never goes by, I do not want to give that illusion, but you learn how to deal with this sadness and give the pain a place. And sometimes it's just there and that's fine too. You do not have to stop the pain, but it is nice if you learn to deal with it.

Process book

This book can help you. It is a beautiful (far) workbook with beautiful poems, inviting questions and accessible suggestions. You can do it alone or together with your partner, because he also mourns. Do not forget each other during this grieving process, you mourn together, each in their own way. Perhaps this booklet can help you flatten the roughest edges or give handles to go through. Give yourself the grief, even if you consciously took distance from your child with an abortion. You too may feel sad, feel and live through. You will undoubtedly have a good reason to choose this and you can also mourn for the child that will never be there.

A beautiful book for invisible mothers who find confirmation in this booklet of their motherhood, for the other a booklet for the processing of grief. Both equally valuable.

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