Diarrhea in toddlers - How do you solve this?

Diarrhea in toddlers is common. Often you can find the cause in unbalanced food, for example because of too little fat or too little or too much of a nutrient from another food group. Too much milk, for example, results in the intestinal contents passing through the colon too quickly, so that too little fluid is extracted. The stool is water-thin and contains undigested food residues.

Not yet matured

Toddler diarrhea is the result of not fully mature of the gut. As a result, the intestine does not digest everything equally well and diarrhea can arise with undigested food residues.

Normal stools

With a toddler, it is normal to have stools ranging from 1x per three days to three times a day until the age of about three years. The quality of the poo is also variable, without the need for a disease. As he gets older, the sturdiness of his stool will also increase further.


You can never completely prevent it, but you can try to shut it down as much as possible. This can be done by:

Eat as varied as possible.
Give your child enough fat.
Do not give your toddler (too) much apple juice or other juices. Homemade apple juice, diluted with water is fine.
Give enough good fiber (from vegetables, fruit and beans).
Go as hygienically as possible with the food.
Use only water from bottles abroad.
Wash your fruit and vegetables abroad with mineral water.
Do not buy scoop ice cream or soft ice cream, but only packaged ice cream.


If your child suddenly develops a fever or severe diarrhea, it is best to contact your doctor. It is important that he will not dry out. You can give your baby the best of water, salt and nutrient sugar. You can buy the right ratio for this at a chemist or pharmacy.
Pay attention to your child, in case of severe dehydration your child really looks sick, does not want to eat or drink anymore, does not eat much and is drowsy. It is important that you immediately inform your doctor if you notice this with your child.

What can your toddler eat during severe diarrhea

You can buy a bag of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solutions) at the pharmacy or chemist and mix it with lukewarm water.
Give your child less juice, these contain sugars that maintain diarrhea.
Boiled rice water. (1 tablespoon of regular rice in half a liter of water, boil for 20 minutes, strain 7. Refill water to half a liter and let it cool down).
Blueberry juice or carrot juice.
If the weather is a little better with him, you can give him grated apple (leave it for a while before you give it), mashed banana and fennel tea.
A phase further you can give him a biscuit with possibly a little bit of cheese spread (no butter) and / or a soft boiled egg.
Give your child some more fiber, fiber improves the stool.
Avoid milk and sugar in the beginning.

Other causes

If there is a clear other cause, there is no mention of toddler diarrhea. Parasites and other infections can also cause diarrhea. Common is for example Giardia and Cryptosporides. Such infections must of course be combated. If the diarrhea of ​​your toddler persists, the doctor often has to do a fecal examination. Action is taken depending on the result.

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