Coming out Day - I once came out of the closet

Today, October 11 is "coming out day". I once had my 'coming out day', then I did not think there was a special day yet. Frankly, I do not know exactly on which day I finally got out of the closet. I remember that I found it very difficult and that I waited a long time.
Coming out Day was created to come out openly if you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person. In short, everyone who wants to come true for his or her orientation.

My coming out

Recently my neighbor told me that a girl next door (18 years old) had her coming out. I am happy because when I came to live here, a few years ago, I noticed it. Fortunately for her, her parents have responded positively. Hiding for your orientation can be a decent one struggle to be. It brought me back to the time of my coming out. When I was twelve I already knew that I liked girls more than boys. My threshold to tell my parents, however, was enormously high and became increasingly higher as I paused. In the meantime I had told a best friend and she thought it was fine, but at some point I came home and there were books in the mailbox she had borrowed from me. It turned out she could no longer deal with me because her sister was afraid that her children would be infected ...


When I started my first relationship at the age of 27 and was about to start living together I had to say something to my parents. 'The right moment' is never there, but sometimes it just has to be done. My parents reacted less positively than my neighbor's parents. They were absolutely not happy and even upset. They were not familiar with homosexuality and had to get used to it. In the end, this was all well.

Air and space

Unfortunately, I have had to hear these kinds of experiences more often. Or parents who do not want to see their child anymore. I think that's terrible. For a child, but this also applies to adults who are still locked up in the closet, it is nice if someone opens the conversation. The threshold is often high and when someone opens the conversation, it can give an opening to talk freely.

Ask questions

Sometimes it's nice when someone is not yet out of the closet to ask questions. Of course you have to feel that person to start a conversation about his or her nature. When I came to work with my current employer, I soon noticed that two of my (older) male colleagues were not pure heterosexuals but pretended to be as if they were. One of the men was married, the other never spoke about his private life (nor does he have to). Because I knew myself that the threshold is getting higher as you wait longer, I have entered into a conversation in my own way. Very open and especially not too heavy. Both men are now happy with their friend and can be open about it. We talk about it regularly and have the biggest fun with jokes like: 'Do you remember ...'

Love is love

The most important thing is that your child is happy, whether your child falls on men, women or both. White, black, brown, red, blue or all colors of the rainbow.

Love is love.

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