Dress yourself - When do you start?

When is your child able to get dressed? Of course, this is different for every child, but it is important that he is able to do so in any case. But still. One child has much more interest or need to do this than the other child. And the more he wants it, the faster he will master it. You can start with a year or two but most children will be able to do so themselves with a year or four. Maybe you should assist here and there, but he should be able to do most of it now.

Pretty complicated

Dressing yourself up is still quite complicated. Just think about putting on a pair of pants. Standing. That is pretty difficult. So that your child is bummed a bit awkwardly for the first time is not that bad. And what do you think of all those holes in a sweater? Through which hole do you do your head? His head will probably not fit into one of the sleeves, but he will undoubtedly try it once. With all the frustrations that entails.


From a year or two you can encourage him to help with dressing. Maybe he can already put his head through his shirt, you can help him with his arms through the sleeves. In a playful way this can be expanded further and further. Keep in mind that knots and straps will last a lot longer. Keep it calm and to avoid frustration, you can choose the best clothing.

All those closures

Closures are available in a variety of ways: zippers, buttons, printers, hooks, straps, cords, Velcro, laces, buckles, suspenders ... It is quite a lot. All those little prose reports are of course too difficult for him at first. There are special dolls (and other toys) for sale with which he can practice various closures.


The most important thing in this process are your compliments. Give him the feeling of pride, even if his clothing may not be completely as it should be. What the shirt might be inside out, but who cares? He has attracted him nicely himself! And that's a great achievement! Even if the shirt is inside the back inside.

No pressure

Do not put pressure on his efforts. So you better not let him try, during a busy morning rush hour and you should get everyone out in time. That kind of moments are not so suitable. Just start with his pajamas in the evening. If you start the evening ritual a little earlier, there is plenty of time for his attempts. And pajamas are usually not that complicated.

Choose yourself

Being able to dress yourself is just a bit different than choosing his clothes yourself. In order to prevent him from going to school in winter with shorts, and in the summer with that thick, self-knit sweater from grandmother, it is best to pick up his clothes the night before and finish them. The next morning he knows how to find them right.


It may just happen that your baby after having dressed herself for a period suddenly wants you to help him. That does not matter either. Maybe he just likes it or he needs that extra attention again. Often, that relapse is only temporary. Give him a lot of compliments when he starts working again.


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