A good health insurance for your baby

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you have to arrange a lot. You have already applied for maternity care, your child registered for childcare and parental authority if you are not married. But have you also looked critically at your health insurance? The cheapest health insurance does not always provide the coverage you need as a brand new parent. Up to and including 31 December 2018 it is possible to switch to another health insurance policy. But how does health insurance work for your newborn child?

Your baby is insured for free

Children under the age of 18 are insured for free on the policy of their parents. What is important is that you register your child with a health insurer within four months of the birth. If you and your partner have different health insurance, then you can choose whether your child is insured with you or with your partner. In that case, opt for the health insurance with the most extensive coverage. Choosing the cheapest health insurance does not have to be, because you do not pay a premium for the health insurance for your child under 18, not even for a comprehensive supplementary package.

The basic insurance

The basic insurance covers all healthcare costs for your baby. This also applies if you opt for the cheapest health insurance. Moreover, you do not pay any excess for your child. The basic insurance reimburses, for example, consultations with the general practitioner, treatments of medical specialists in the hospital, the heel prick and hearing test, vaccinations and all appointments at the clinic. If your child is older and you take him or her to the dentist, then the basic insurance also reimburses the most costs. Children can go to controls for free and also for treatments such as stunning, taking pictures, filling holes, removing tartar and choosing to seal you do not have to pay anything yourself. If your son or daughter needs physiotherapy, you will be reimbursed for the first 18 treatments per year.

Additional insurance for your baby

If the basic insurance covers all healthcare costs, what is the added value of an additional package? With many basic insurance policies, you can only go to doctors and healthcare providers with whom the health insurer has made agreements. For example, the basic insurance does not reimburse alternative therapies such as homeopathy. And medical help is abroad is not always fully reimbursed. If you do have an additional package with these coverings and you insure your son or daughter for free, then he or she can also make use of this. If your child is older and needs glasses or a bracket, then additional insurance with reimbursement for glasses, lenses and the orthodontist can be very useful. Online you can easily compare the supplementary packages of all health insurers.

Additional insurances for mothers

Do not forget your own healthcare costs. As a newly delivered woman, you can take out additional insurance so that you are reimbursed for all sorts of costs related to pregnancy and childbirth. Consider the personal contribution for maternity care, the bill you have to pay if you give birth in the hospital without medical grounds, physiotherapy for pelvic complaints, a lactation consultant who guides you through problems with breastfeeding and sports programs to regain fitness after the pregnancy.

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