Bloomr - Coconut juice & Coconut charcoal

When cleaning your skin or bleaching your teeth, you may not immediately think of the color black and / or coal. Not me in any case. Nevertheless, this is the case, for example, this CocoSoap and Charcoal from BLOOMR. This Charcoal Skin Detoxer also contains the real BLOOMR Coconut Charcoal as the only facial cleanser. Hence also the black color. This Charcoal, when in contact with the skin, provides a light scrub that removes dead skin cells and at the same time also absorbs impurities, allowing the skin to shine more.

Scrubbing the skin

It is nice to scrub the skin regularly so that all dead skin cells are removed. Soap from BLOOMR can make an important contribution. The CocoSoap is a scrub, detox and cleanser in one. After this detox of the skin also provides the mix of three natural oils namely olive, palm and natural coconut oil for the basic nutrition.

Natural ingredients

Nice to know that this product consists of 100% natural ingredients - and therefore does not contain parabens or other chemicals. It is a nice and natural alternative to other scrubs and peels. It makes the skin shine and removes impurities. It is suitable for all skin types.

How to use BLOOMR Coconut juice?

01. Wash your face with lukewarm to warm water.
02. Wet your hands with lukewarm to warm water.
03. Take the CocoSoap in your hands until you have the desired amount.
04. Apply the CocoSoap thoroughly to your face in a scrubding way.
05. Leave the CocoSoap for a few minutes so that the Coconut Charcoal can purify everything.
06. Wash your face with lukewarm to warm water.
07. Apply a natural moisturizer if necessary.
08. Enjoy your radiant skin!

Price and availability

BLOOMR Coco juice is available through the webshop for 24.95 euro.

Coconut Charcoal

This Coconut Charcoal from BLOOMR is pitch black powder to whiten your teeth. I see your eyebrows frown, I did when I opened the box, but this is the purest oxidized version of Charcoal and is used to whiten teeth with great results. It removes stains and discoloration of your teeth without the harmful chemical ingredients used in commercial teeth whitening products and toothpastes.

PH value

BLOOMR Coconut Charcoal promotes oral hygiene and can even adjust the PH value of your mouth. This helps to remove substances that cause cavities, gum problems and bad breath. It goes without saying that this product is also 100% natural and contains no bleach or other chemical substances.

How to use BCoconut Charcoal?

01) Dip your wet Premium Bamboo Toothbrush in your Coconut Charcoal powder.
02) Brush quietly in circles for 2-4 minutes.
03) Carefully spit out the excess Coconut Charcoal.
04) Leave what remains on your teeth for a few minutes for the maximum effect.
05) Rinse thoroughly when finished.
06) Enjoy your white teeth and clean mouth!

Price and availability

BLOOMR Coconut Charcoal is available through the webshop for 39.95 euros. The content is sufficient for about 120 polishing sessions (2-3 months).

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