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When I thoughtlessly stalked on Facebook last week, I saw a picture that said "Your phone has already taken over your alarm clock, diary and letter, do not let it take over your family life". Or something like that.
"Pffftt, another picture with such a super annoying slogan", I thought. But the longer I looked at it, the more the penny (0.25 euro cent is so strange) fell. Because let's be, far too long and too often we all stare at a screen. Actually as soon as our eyes open and that takes until they close. Because you will miss that 'like' on Instagram, that message whether you can buy bread on the way back or that fun movie on YouTube that everyone is talking about.

Digital trees

At school the digiboards, the iPads and computer screens float ready for use for a lesson in digital literacy. Even the report is no longer filled in manually. We play online, we plant digital trees and play Scrabble with people we do not know, we converse with totally unknown people, give our opinion about the most beautifully photographed hot chocolate with unicorns, glitters and pink whipped cream. But how did we do that earlier? How did we get to our appointment on time, how did we know where to be, how were we up to date with the latest news?

Just by doing so

Just by just doing it. By looking people in the eye, by climbing the pen and reading the newspaper. By taking the telephone with a turntable and making the connection after some static noise. By sending a card, written entirely by yourself, with a slick stamp and all. Personally brought to the orange mailbox by you. Except around New Year's Eve, because then they were tightly nailed.

On the Sundays we walked in the forest, fresh air gasping and afterwards hot chocolate gurgling from which it was not in our mind to make a picture of it. With blushing cheeks back into the car, listening to 'Along the line', to do homework at home with pen and paper, followed by all of us sitting at the table eating our dinner. Maybe we also did a game, Pim Pam Pet or something else, with real dice.

What is this for a drive?

After I had pushed the image away (I had stared at it long enough), I flew to YouTube and there I saw a video where a teenager was presented with a telephone with a turntable, and was totally stunned that such a dislike was once our line used to be. What is this for disk? Can you order pizzas here? He had never heard of ET at all, so 'Phone home' would make him totally unearthly.

Yesterday I went to the local 'cigar shop' to buy the newspaper. Printed on paper. In the paper was an article about degraded mailboxes, orange and proud they stand in line, waiting for their turn to replace a brother or sister who has been messed up with fireworks.
Pffftt, sad, I thought, I could not remember myself when I last posted something through the ratchet teeth of the orange box, leafing through to the next page.

But realized too late that you should not wipe your hands on your white pants ... Screens obviously have their advantages. In any case, you will not get black fingers from it.

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