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The holiday is over, our (almost) toddlers go back to school! Maybe your toddler for the first time ?! Perhaps he has already gotten used to a few ... but now it really will happen! Another milestone in his life! Exciting!

Exciting: The first day to school

Hurray, your child is 4 years old, he is allowed to go to school! If your child is three years and ten months, he can usually go to school to get acquainted. That may be a maximum of five days until he has reached four years. Incidentally, schools are not obliged to cooperate with such tenders. So it is a plus and not a must.

Primary education: Which school do you choose for your child?

With the birth of your child you are at the top an invisible list of choices that you will make in the future. Before you were born, assuming that you had made the most important choice by determining a given name, then you are wrong. Choosing a primary school is of course not the first thing that comes to mind, but early research into a suitable primary school can work to your advantage.

The border between pests and bullying

Children are true masters in teasing. There is nothing wrong with that, they build up a certain resilience, they learn to cash and deal with conflicts. However, it becomes different when teasing turns into bullying ...
Bullying is not something of this time, it has been around for centuries. Probably as long as people exist. The term bullying comes from Latin, but the Dutch variant comes from the Pest disease. People apparently found bullying so annoying that they gave it the name of the worst disease on earth at the time.

Student transport

Some pupils are eligible for a contribution towards the costs of transport to and from school.
This depends, among other things, on the type of education, the direction of the school, where the pupil is going and the distance from the home to the school.
If a pupil lives more than 6 km from the nearest accessible school, then a contribution towards the costs of transport is possible.

What are the rules of compulsory education?

If your child is three years and ten months, it is usually allowed to come to school to get acquainted. This may be a maximum of five days until the child has reached the age of four years. Schools are not obliged to participate in such an introductory period.

Leonardo school: Special education for gifted children

Nowadays special education exists for gifted children. At the moment, but little by little, more and more schools are starting with this special department. The Leonarde classes are therefore housed at regular primary schools.
A Leonardo school is a Dutch form of education that was started in 2007 for children aged 4 to 12 who are gifted. A child is only considered to be gifted if it has an IQ of 130 or higher.

Image thinkers - Recognize and recognize

Have you ever heard of the concept of 'image thinkers'? Maybe not, but more and more children seem to be born who belong under this heading. As a toddler or toddler you will not recognize them so quickly, but once in school they can encounter problems in word-oriented education. That is why we like to pay attention to this subject, because 'image thinkers' are often not recognized and therefore not recognized.

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