Going on vacation without your child? Is not that strange? # blog8

Why not let them enjoy your holiday with you. It is a shame that you do not make those memories together? Why do you have children at all if they do not go on holiday? You do not put them in a kennel like your cat, dog or guinea pig? Or dump them with their grandparents, babysitter or nanny (depending on the budget that is still available when you have booked your luxury resort-without-child).

Luxury without children's vacations

Sometimes you see that luxury-without-child-holidays, those with sweeping palm trees, babbling waves, white beaches, cocktails o'clock, service 24/7 to meet all your 24/7 wishes. In the evening, dine by candlelight, without worrying about your child going into the fire / the tablecloth going fiercely / the whole restaurant goes fiercely. Daytime lazing by the pool, occasionally turning around for that perfect all-round 360 degree brown color. Well, it looks like a utopia, without children on vacation.

But uh, what about when your child goes on holiday without her parents? If she spends her a part of her summer vacation on an island, staying with grandma and aunt, surrounded by caravans, bicycles, woods, dunes and beach, in short, the paradise for a child? Where is she boiled, washed, polished, entertained and factor 50 all-round is rubbed? That is delicious, would you think? "Just the realm alone".

No mucus and glitters

A week of no mucus with glitters which sticks to your feet, no half-eaten breakfast that is to waste, no toothpaste clods in the sink, no sign with toothpaste on the mirror, in short no toothpaste other than in the tube. No stray sock, no pins without cap, no toilet roll on the floor and no clogged shower drain (lesson: do not drain with toilet paper to protect your leg, to protect your Transsylviania 3 sticker tattoo, in the shower).

First evening was delicious

Yes, to admit, the first night was wonderful. Crouched on the couch, watched scary movies until 12 o'clock at night and finally I get to hook up that blanket (start on time, because before you know it it's spring again and it's still not finished), and sleep till 9 o'clock!

Nothing to do

And then it becomes boring, primal. Because there is simply nothing to do. Even going to the store is boring, because what is the point of buying water ice creams, or sniffing in the craft bins, even buying bananas is boring, because there is no one for whom you can draw a smiley or Minion. Buy Ranja? Nah, do not need this week. Brown bread? Nah, ordinary white cadets.

Kit Kats do not have to be shared, the milk may just be skinny and the tennis balls do not have to be fished out of the bushes. The shoes are in the basket and the coats are hanging on the brackets. From the hairbrush you only have to pull your own hair, your luxury soap is not "borrowed", the shower gel with candy smell is waiting untouched for the return of its owner.

What boring!

But man, man. What is it boring. We do sleep as the best, because you do not have to be focused on your hearing. The shower drain is unblocked again and the tea cakes are getting lost.
We will pick her up in 4 nights. Until then, the countdown.
But the toilet paper will last a lot longer, that saves you.

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