Fathers now versus fathers then

Imagine ... not being allowed to attend the delivery. Do not walk behind the pram because that is not male. Work hard and only in the evening and on Sunday time for your family. Above all, being a cost winner and then an educator. Do the fathers have it easier today than they used to? Or was life without an emphatic role, media that sketches the perfect father and house-high mortgage finally a lot more relaxed?

(Future) fathers and pregnancy

Today there are even expectant fathers who say 'We are pregnant'. If we go a long way back in time, the pregnancy was mainly a women's issue. There was no listening to the heart and no echoes were made, you only saw the belly of your wife grow. And with a bit of luck, you could feel the baby kick later in the pregnancy if you put your hand on her stomach. There were also no pregnancy courses where you could be involved as a man. Because giving birth ... that's what your wife did alone. A man used to wait in a different room than the delivery room until his child was born.


After the birth declaration, the man's life went on as before. Mother stayed home and took care of the children and the household. Being a good father mainly meant ensuring financial security for your family. Giving a bottle, changing diapers, bathing the baby, that was women's work. Nowadays, the man, directly by the maternity nurse, is involved in the care of the newborn baby. Fathers do not in any way for mothers where it comes to caring, feeding and pampering. It is becoming increasingly common (and is better accepted socially) that fathers also take care leave and start working less to be at home with the children when their mother is working. Yet fathers often still talk about 'babysitting' to their own children, while your mothers hardly hear that.

Toddlers, preschoolers and bigger grow

Rested the care of infants largely on the shoulders of mothers, when the children grew bigger, father came more and more in the picture regarding the upbringing. Father was often the boss in the house and his will was law. The bond between father and son or daughter was mainly based on respect that a child needed to have for his father. Over the years, fathers have grown closer to their children, have built father's friendly ties with their children and share caring tasks with their partners.

Not the same anymore

One thing is certain, being a father is no longer the same as before. The families are smaller, the average age at which men become a father has risen sharply, there are more divorced parents, 1-parent families and composite families. Mothers work more outdoors, where fathers also hand in workdays to take care of the children. Was it better in the past or have the fathers now more affected? Let's just keep it that it was and is different. What has remained unchanged through the ages, however, is the limitless protection spirit, the endless fatherly love and the universal bond between a father and his child. Changes in family assemblies, new work schedules and a shift in role as educator have and will never be able to change that!

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