Piroche Noesis Vitamin Power Phials

It has not been as cold as in the Netherlands for years now. Inside is the heating on and outside it is advisable to dress as warm as possible. That is to say, preferably with hat and gloves. Especially these days good skin care is important. The cold outside and the artificial heat inside, are outright attacks of dehydration on your skin. A little extra love for your skin and therefore for yourself, is not a luxury at the moment but an absolute one must.

Extra attention

You can give your skin extra attention in various ways. Think for example of an extra mask, a nourishing night cream (make sure it is nice and thick) and a protective day cream. And if you want to be completely sweet to yourself, try this Noesis Vitamin Power Phials from Piroche. These glass bottles are packed with vitamins. And that makes your skin happy. And so do you.

Noesis Vitamin Power Phials

The ampoules are a vitamin concentrate for the face, neck and décolleté. The fast release to the skin of the active and nourishing skin-friendly substances promotes suppleness, strengthens and regenerates the skin in a powerful way. The vitamin trio is an optimal free radical fighter and protects the skin against premature aging. The ampoules are normally packed in a box of 12. The limited edition of the Noesis Vitamin Power Phials contains 4 ampoules. A wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with these ampoules. But be warned, they undoubtedly 'taste' for more ...!


The soft texture of this concentrate ensures an even application and proper delivery of the nutrient substances. The ampoules include the following vitamins:

Vitamin A

This vitamin promotes cell regeneration and renewal. Vitamin A is essential for the growth of new cells and ensures a good condition of the tissue. It stimulates collagen synthesis, activates tissue regeneration and makes dry skin soft and elastic.

Vitamins C and E

These are effective for collagen build-up and the formation of amino acids. The combined properties of these vitamins strengthen the tissue, fight free radicals efficiently and protect against premature aging. The combination of C and E increases the effect.


Pro vitamin B5 reduces fluid loss, is soothing and stimulates the cell renewal and regenerates the skin tissue. This vitamin has a strengthening effect for a radiant skin.

Price and availability

These ampoules are now temporarily available as a limited edition in a box of four. Temporarily you now pay for 4 ampoules 12.50 euros instead of 24.00 euros.

Noesis Vitamin Concept

The Noesis Vitamin Concept is an advanced skincare line of Piroche Cosmétiques based on a revitalizing cocktail of vitamins, regenerating, protective and moisturizing active substances. This new total concept consists of treatments, salon products and products for home use for intensive cell renewal of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

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