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I am married to a man who has saved a fortune in lego in his youth. Until a few weeks ago, this was all still safe in the attic with his parents, where our eldest son regularly played with it. But in the course of time, lego craziness increased in our home. Man got a complete flashback back to his youth and son became totally infected with it.

Meanwhile, we already have a whole stock of 'lego-of-now' at home, collected on birthdays, at Christmas and throwing money boxes on the head. It is unbelievable how quickly the lego multiplies in our house, it looks like rabbits.

A miniature population richer

And then it became summer vacation. Six long weeks stretched out ahead of us and we would not go on holiday this year, so there was a lot of time left to play. On a carefree Saturday our car was suddenly backstroke on the driveway parked with the trunk open, packed with all old lego of man! At first I did not quite notice how many lego males, houses, trains and cars they had come, but when I saw it in the hallway, I slammed back a bit. I do not use the expression often, but: OMG!

A part of the attic was emptied, to create a place where there could be fun with this miniature population and man spent a few evenings assembling an airport, fire station, police station and what not. I wondered for who was this toy picked up? Who really enjoyed this?


Okay, I have to admit that our son is now just as lego-boy as his father and that he also plays with it every day. He prefers to disassemble a vehicle completely and then rebuild it or build something else. Nice to see how he uses his imagination more and more and does not just enter the beaten track. And very nice that in his eyes real criminals always wear a black and white suit and carry a crowbar.


But slowly lego threatens to take over our lives a bit. It is everywhere you look and especially where you listen ... With both the new and the old lego packages in our house, we have the original books. And in the old books from the '80s / '90 much advertising is made for Legoland. I can no longer count on two hands how many times I have already had the following question: 'Mom, are we going to Legoland once?' Because we were finally fed up with the question, we said we would do that if it were fun for the youngest and he would have memories of it. "When is that then, Mom?" (x10)

So now it is in the agenda: summer vacation 2020, Legoland. The youngest is 4, the middle 6 and the oldest 8 years. Wait another three years and then it's time! Then we finally go to Legoland! But, as it works with children; the questions are still not stopped and there are new ones every day, of course about lego ('how old am I when we go to Legoland?'), but also about trains, princesses, iron beads and water pistols ... Well, it will be there at hearing ...

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