Baby ailments - inflamed eyes

Oh yeah, there's a lot of stuff coming out of your child's eyes! Just like that, suddenly. Yesterday there was nothing wrong and today he suddenly has dirty eyes. What is going on?
No matter how well you take care of your child, it can happen that he suffers from inflamed eyes. Despite the fact that your baby's eyes are protected by eyelashes and eyelids, it is unavoidable that a few dust particles are whirled into their eyes.

Your baby does not make enough tear fluid to rinse away all the dust, so he runs the risk of the tear ducts becoming blocked. Actually the tear ducts have to remove the substances with some tears to the nasal cavity, but if there is not enough moisture to carry the dirt, it can go wrong and if too much accumulation occurs, there is the chance of inflammation. Not nice for your child and such an inflammation can also take a few days.

Symptoms inflamed eyes

You can tell your child that he has inflamed eyes when there is dirt coming out of his eyes, it is also sometimes called 'prut'. This dirty discharge consists of mucus, dirt, dried-up tears and fat. It does not look so fresh, but fortunately it is easy to clean.


A gentle massage can correct the blockage of the tear duct (faster). Due to the pressure of the massage, the membrane of Hasner can still open. Of course it must be done very carefully. Massaging is done in the following way:

Place a clean finger just below the tear spot on the skin (the small red dot in the lower eyelid, near the nose).
Slowly move your finger inwards towards the nostrils.

Repeat this about three times a day. Do you find it scary to do this with your big fingers? You can also use a moist cotton swab for this. Be careful not to accidentally prick this in his eyes.

Cleaning eyes

Boil some water and let it cool down. Drip some of the cooled boiled water on a sterile gauze and clean the eyes. This can be done by gently rubbing the wet cotton wool from the outside to the inside of the eye. Take a new gauze for every eye.

Dirty eyes due to colds

Your child can also get dirty eyes because of a cold. The common cold causes the nasal mucosa to swell, which may cause temporary blockage of the lacrimal drainage system. Once the cold is over, the problem of the blocked tear ducts is solved.

General practitioner and medication

If the eye turns red or red-rimmed and there is more and more prut out of the eyes, please contact your doctor. He may possibly prescribe an antibiotic ointment or drops. If your child has many and often eye complaints, he can possibly refer you to an ENT doctor who will further examine your child. The ENT doctor may decide to puncture the membrane in the tear duct and place a small tube in the drainage system to the nose.


We received the tip to drop a few drops of breast milk onto a gauze and to clean the eyes. In breast milk there are many antibodies that help to fight the infection.

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